How Web Design Quote Works?

Apr 21


Zohaib Mashwani

Zohaib Mashwani

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Websites are an effective and cheaper source for businesses and professionals to promote them globally, the never ending journey of this technological caravan has just begun. We hope the new technologies will emerge which will be a breakthrough in traditional ways. So far we have benefited from the websites, and from the purpose they serve. I consider that the future of the internet would be in the hands of these developers and designers, as they would be dominating the web.



Web Design:


The web design is an essential element of every website,How Web Design Quote Works? Articles the layout of a page, typography, color schemes, usability are some critical aspects that a designer or developer keeps in mind while making a website. A sloppy website may not be able to attract many visitors, as users tend to seek attractive and informative websites. Some well developed websites leave a strong impact on the visitor, and makes him visit it again. In the recent decades website industry have flourished well, as businesses preferred going online in order to reach global customers. This paved a path for new businesses to come online to form a bridge between the designers and clients facilitating them both. This concept is called Web Design Quote where the designers and businesses or clients interact with each other.


Web Design Quote:


A web design quote is the process using which the businesses can ask for prices for their dream new projects, or new B2B and B2C ventures before they commit any money to the venture itself. This gives them the liberty to get carefully tailored estimates for their new online ventures, without actually putting in any deposits because basically a web design quote is a free service being offered by almost all web design firms across the world. The basic idea of a Web Design Quote is that the businesses that are looking for professional web designers for their websites login and post their projects, the designers on the other hand, pick the projects of their choice and place their bids. The businesses then have an option of selecting the appropriate bid. In this way Web Design Price estimate gets beneficial for both the business clients and the designers.


                Another great advantage of Web Design Service is that the businesses do not have to look out for a good developer in their area; they have an opportunity to get services of designers from all over the world, this enhances the quality of work. On the other hand the developers do not need to market themselves and look for projects of their choice; instead they can choose from a list of projects though Web Design Quote Request process.


                Designers and businesses are not charged through Web Design price requests,  rather they have to pay a minimal percentage from the transaction of the projects. This again varies from platform to platform and some platforms where you can request web design quotes do not have any fees for joining or bidding. In addition, the designers have the right to keep the client for life.

                The process is simple, the businesses / developers register with Web Design Quote platform, fill in the form that requires basic information about the business or developer, mode of payment, experience (in case of developer), purpose etc. The profile is then created and the members are free to interact with the respective members throughout the world. Web Design Service Platforms offers different categories of developers and designers for businesses and different categories of projects for designers to choose from.


                The idea of Web Design Quote became popular worldwide as it provided a cheaper and effective way for designers as well as businesses to interact with each other. With in the past few years, thousands of businesses and developers have benefited from it. Along with professional developers Web Design Platforms  provide a wonderful opportunity for developers and students who just started their career.


E-Commerce Web Design Quote:


One type of Web Design Quote is called E-Commerce Web Design Quote, the difference being here is that instead of interacting with the developers, the businesses directly put their requirements on the websites that offer E-Commerce Web Design Quote, and they are offered the quoted rates according to their specifications.


                Ecommerce Web Design Quote is specifically more suitable for businesses that have less web designing and web building requirements, all they need to do is to place their specifications and get the respective rates. 


Content Management Web Design Prices:


            Content Management Web Design is considered to be the future of web designing, since entrepreneurs don’t want to waste their time in running after web design companies for minor updates. Content Management Web Design provides the solution for such business owners, some of the key features of Content Management are listed below:


·         Adding / removing /editing of pages

·         Updating content within each page

·         Addition of images where needed

·         Updating contact information

·         Showing updated listings

·         Adding new tips on the industry everyday (The spawn of blogging).

·         And many extra features



For some organizations hiring a permanent designer may be more expensive than hiring an outside company who takes care of the company’s website. A well implemented Content Management Web Design can enhance the role of a specialist. While some people claim that the designers and developers will suffer from Content Management Web Design, as it would make them idle. The statement is wrong, because more companies offering Content Management Web Design will open new opportunities for web designers and developers, as these companies would need them; hence in broader view point the final out come of Content Management is quiet promising.


                The prices of Content Management Web Design vary from services to services that the companies offer, a business opting for more services is charged accordingly, but the outcome is worth it.


Simple Website Design Estimate:


                No one can really tell the exact prices of Simple Web Designs, as the prices vary according to the specification and the requirements of the website. It might seem a little complicated, but usually designers and developers charge according to their skill and experience and the complexity of website; therefore there is no exact Website Design Estimate. However an average estimate can be drawn on the basis of the rates of many companies. They are given below:


Basic Simple Web Design                                  $350 - $800 for homepage and $75 - $100 for each extra page

E-Commerce Web Sites                                       $1300 - Up

Custom Application (ASP, Perl, PHP)              $1200 - Up

JavaScript Programming                                     $75 - $200 per Script

Flash                                                                      $100 - $500

Database Development                                       $1000 - Up

Search Engine Optimization                               $50 - $100 per page

Search Engine Submission                                 $300 - $500 per 50 search engines.


                Again, as mentioned above these rates may change from project to project and from designer to designer.


Flash Web Design Price Range:


                Again there are no fix rates for Flash Web Design, as they vary from designer to designer and the complexity of the design, new designers may charge very cheap for simple projects, whereas professional and skilled designers may charge very high. Based on the analysis of rates offered by different websites for Flash Web Design, an estimated range of rates can be drawn.


                Usually the Flash Web Design Price Range can be from $5 to $5000.

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