Best SEO Tools to Dominate Search Engine Rankings (2021)

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SEO experts do their best in formulating different SEO policies. Some policies may give instant results, and some may not. Search engine optimization needs constant updating as it's important to stay ahead of the curve. Google changes its algorithms, and your website should work according to new updates. Here is when SEO tools come in handy.

Popular SEO tools give you comprehensive insight,Guest Posting which helps you know about your website's performance. From keywords to ranking factors and from backlinks to speed, SEO tools help you to evaluate the core of your site. The best SEO tools provide a complete report on how you can measure your competitors and where your actual strengths lie. It saves your hours of effort and generates reports with a single click.


Top SEO Tools to Dominate Search Rankings

1. Ahrefs SEO tool

Ahrefs is one of the most ranked SEO tools that is only second to Google. It has the highest index of backlinks and a flexible toolset. The site audit feature of the software is good, and most SEO experts can't get enough of it. It helps to determine the competitor's backlinks, which you can use to your advantage. The tool helps to monitor internal and outbound links.

 Features of Ahrefs SEO tool

  • The software offers a link management feature, which makes finding links easier. You'll be able to prepare a backlink strategy with the link tool.
  • It offers mobile search tracking ad localization along with a rank tracking feature.
  • It helps you determine which keywords rank higher in SERP. You can formulate a keyword research strategy for your content based on keyword analysis.
  • It lets you perform keyword research for search engines, and the tool lets you see the complete list of click data keyword click distributions.
  • You'll be able to get total search traffic estimations with Ahrefs. With accurate results in traffic analysis, you can improve your reach.
  • It lets you analyze the SERP history and uncovers all the content gaps. It lets you see the subfolders by traffic along with the rank history.


 2. SEMrush SEO tool

SEMrush is the most popular tool in the SEO community. You can identify rankings, identify different changes and work on the measures provided by the tool. The most popular feature of SEMrush is the domain vs. domain analysis feature, as it allows you to compare your website with your competitors for a better understanding of search data and traffic. 

Features of SEMrush SEO tool

  • It offers keyword research with six different tools that help you to discover the best keywords and increase your ranking.
  • With on-page SEO, you can get ideas to improve SEO performance. The local SEO feature lets you optimize for local searches.
  • The rank tracking features help to track changes in your target keywords.
  • With a content marketing feature, you will be able to develop a content strategy.
  • The market analysis tool lets you analyze the market position, and paid advertising feature will let you see all the paid keywords.
  • The PPC keyword research will help you to build a sustainable PPC campaign for your website. It also offers mobile search tracking and rank tracking features.


 3. Moz Pro

Most experts use Moz Pro for its host of features and insights. It gives you a complete track of how your website is performing and comes with a special toolbar that you can download to view the performance metrics of your website.

Features of Moz Pro SEO tool

  • It offers complete keyword analysis, which will help to improve your content optimization.
  • With the long tail keyword suggestions and keyword tracking, you can get the complete list of the ones performing well.
  • You will get complete flexibility with the SERP rank tracking and localization feature.
  • The off-page SEO features help with link building and backlink monitoring.
  • The SEO reporting features help with data visualization and custom reports.
  • You will have a vast scope of improvement with custom reports.
  • The rank-tracking feature will give a complete insight into SERP rank tracking.
  • The tool offers features like competitor analysis and complete data visualization.


4. Google Search Console SEO tool

Google search console is not a new name in SEO, and most SEO experts swear by the SEO tool. What makes it different is; monitoring and reporting your website presence in SERP. It helps you to understand how Google and the users who visit your website view your site, and it helps you to optimize for better performance.

Features of Google Search Console

  • The click feature will let you know about the total clicks, i.e., How often people click your website in the search results.
  • The impression features will let you know how often your site appears in search results of Google.
  • The average CTR will let you know how many pople have seen your website.
  • The average position will tell you a specific ranking of keywords or pages.
  • The URL inspection feature will help you in analyzing a specific set of URLs on the page.
  • The enhancement tab will let you know about the speed, AMP, and sitemap features.
  • The links session will show you internal and outbound link selection.


5. SpyFu SEO tool

SpyFu comes with a free version, but the premium version offers many more features that may help you with SEO analysis. The tool searches for organic keywords, competitors' keywords, and how many monthly clicks your website gets.

Features of SpyFu SEO tool

  • The tool offers features like - unlimited backlink results and in-depth SEO reports.
  • It offers domain searches, backlink searches, and keyword searches for a website.
  • It offers features like organic ranking history and advisor reports.
  • It filters sales leads and provides API access. The tool also offers customized branded reports.
  • You'll be able to benefit from its domain search feature, monitoring tool, and smart recommendations.


In Brief, 

The right SEO tools can help you track the right keywords and fetch the right traffic. It is not easy to maintain a position in SERP as there is constant competition for ranking higher. The valuable information provided by SEO tools will let you scale higher and help you to track the changes related to SEO policies. It is important to stay updated with SEO if you want the right results. Work on your strategies to get fruitful results.

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