Best Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers in 2020

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Best wildcard SSL certificate provider for your business needs to secure your business and websites online.

In this era of digitalization,Guest Posting most of the companies are worried about privacy issues on the internet. That’s where SSL certificates pop in the picture.

SSL certificates and their encryption securities are familiar to most of the firms. According to The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), each website that accepts payment online should have an SSL certificate.

Even browsers have made SSL certificates compulsory for all sites for increased security measures.

You can also check out the best Cheap Wildcard Certificate Providers.

Many SSL certificate providers have come up with Encryption Everywhere program, which provides website encryption security, free of cost.

Mostly all SSL certificates provide high encryption like 256-Bit SSL encryption and 2048-Bit CSR encryption for the data transmitted between browsers and servers.

Installation of SSL certificate activates a green padlock in URL and https protocol in the address bar.

There are different types and validations of SSL certificates with various brands and multiple security functions available in the market. One of them is a Wildcard SSL certificate.

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificate provides SSL encryption to your domains and multiple sub-domains; and is budget-friendly because a single certificate covers your complete website security.


What is Wildcard SSL Certificate



How does a Wildcard Certificate work?

Wildcard SSL certificate works the same way as any other SSL certificate; the only difference is that an SSL certificate covers all the sub-domains of the main domain.

As the above picture shows, Wildcard SSL adds an “*” to your primary domain and secures multiple sub-domains, not only on one server but also on multiple servers.

To use Wildcard SSL certificate on multiple servers, CSR creation on desire server is required.

Categories of Wildcard SSL certificate:

This SSL certificate is available in different validations like Domain Validation (DV), Organisation Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). 

Different validations serve different purposes, have different warranties and prices.


  Categories of Wildcard SSL certificate


What Does Wildcard SSL Certificate Cover?

Wildcard SSL covers main domain and its first level subdomains for example, * can secure,,, etc.

It comes with many exciting features and benefits that are discussed as under.

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate:

• Budget Friendly

• Issued in a few minutes

• 99% mobile browser compatibility

• 2048-bit encryption

• Unlimited licenses and reissues

• Free Site Seal

• Money back guarantees

• 24/7 Customer Support

Now that we have an overall idea about what Wildcard SSL is and its features let’s find out the list of the Cheap Wildcard SSL certificate providers of 2020.

1. Alpha SSL

2. RapidSSL

3. Comodo

4. GeoTrust

5. Thawte

6. Symantec

7. Gandi

8. GoDaddy

9. Sectigo

10. GlobalSign



13. Network Solutions

14. Entrust

15. DigiCert


Above compiled are some of the best cheap wildcard SSL certificate providers who not only help boost SEO rankings but also provide strong encryption for securing websites.

Most of them provide unlimited server licenses and SSL re-issuances and are compatible with mobiles and browsers. Quick issuances, warranties, 24/7 expert help, money back offer.

What else do you wish for? It’s all in one. 

Choose the best wildcard SSL certificate provider as per your business needs and secure your business and websites.

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