How to know if my site is indexed in Google

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Indexing in the world of web pages has to do with the method through which the content of a site is included in an internet index, or in Christian,  how to make your website be displayed by King Google.

Search engines use keywords and meta tags as a means to track the type of content that exists on a website. People who specialize in techniques that allow better indexing are known as SEO specialists ( Search Engine Optimization ); that is,Guest Posting specialists in content optimization for search engines.

SEO specialists are the people in charge of helping you index a page in any search engine; We will talk about Google as the main most used search engine.

There are several search engines on the Internet such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others, but definitely the most used worldwide is Google, covering more than 90% of daily searches

But how do I know if my site is indexed in Google? There is a tool that helps you to be aware of this situation; This is Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

It is a platform that replaced Google Webmaster Tools, which tries to be easier to use by the wide audience that needs it, from SEO specialists and Webmasters to web business owners with less programming knowledge. Through Google Search Console you can know if my site is indexed in Google by simply following, in a very short way, the following steps:

  • Enter the official Google Search Console page, your registered web business must be in it or, if you are an administrator, you must have the permission to enter it.
  • Once inside a menu, you must click on “Google Index”, there will be 4 sections, these are indexing status, content keywords, blocked resources and URL removal. The first one must be marked: indexing status
  • Mark on the "indexing status" section, you will see that a page will be scrolled where you can see the total indexed pages, the number of pages blocked by robots and the pages removed. This way you can realize the number of indexed pages; however, if you want to know what the indexed pages are, you will have to check your website as shown below.
Steps to verify that your website is indexed

In case you want to verify that your website is indexed, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Locate yourself in the Google search engine and place the word "site:" followed by the name of your website. It should be something like this site: The pages that appear there are those that are indexed by Google.
  • If your site does not appear, it may be very new and Google has not yet detected it. You can speed up indexing from Google Search Console.
  • If you have previously had indexed pages that do not appear now, you may have applied a penalty, in that case, you can also verify the penalized pages by Google Search Console.

You must be constantly aware of your pages and their indexing, work to have a better positioning every day; It's no use having excellent content that nobody reads or can't find.

Any owner of a website, without being an SEO specialist, should worry about indexing their pages if they want to improve their internet visibility. We are aware that you do not always have the time to devote to the SEO of a page, so if you want to leave SEO in the hands of professionals, you can do so by hiring our services with SEO adaptation included for the company's website or, if you already have your web with active WordPress.

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