SEO Reseller India – The most successful model for outsourced SEO services

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SEO Reseller India is the single most revenue making source of SEO companies in India.

SEO business is dependent upon high quality White Hat organic SEO services that are provided by reputed and well established SEO companies that employ qualified,Guest Posting experienced and Google certified SEO professionals.

What is SEO Reseller India?

Practically speaking it is not commercially viable for an individual or an enterprise to set up a development center and employ full time SEO staff just to service the needs of one or two customers. Not only is the investment huge and requires funding from financial institutions, but it is also quite a task to hire Team Leads and Project managers just to supervise and manage the team.

Given this backdrop of customer needs and constraints on deployment of trained SEO staff, SEO Reseller India emerges as a clear winner that offers a win-win situation both to the SEO Company and to the Reseller.

The model of working of SEO Reseller India is very simple. Resellers pitch the service offerings of the SEO Company including all SEO, SEM and PPC services to worldwide customers and explain them the benefits of an organic, content based SEO strategy that incorporates the Google Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Updates. They differentiate themselves from other SEO providers who offer cheap and run-of-the-mill SEO services based on keywords and automated link farms. When any enquiry is generated, then the Resellers approach the SEO Company and together they offer SEO Consultancy services to the customer and win the business. In this process the SEO Company does not reveal its name or identity and operates as if it were the part of the team of the Reseller. The project agreement is then signed between the Reseller and the customer and the work starts on the project.

How does SEO Reseller India work on a day to day basis?

In day to day project related matters the SEO Company always stays in the background and the Reseller is the face to the customer and communicates between the SEO Company and the Reseller. The Reseller is responsible for sending the project status reports on a weekly basis to the customer and sharing with them all queries and questions asked by the SEO Company. Similarly, any feedback provided by the customer is immediately provided to the SEO Company. Project status can be checked at any time since both the Reseller and the customer have access to the portal of the SEO Company and can check the health of the project and the details of the campaigns run, leads generated and the opportunities received. They can also talk to the Project Lead and Project manager at anytime to enquire on any aspect of the project.

SEO Reseller India is based on trust and confidence

SEO Reseller India Program runs on trust and mutual confidentiality between all the three parties – the SEO Company, the Reseller and the customer and therefore NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) are signed by all the parties at the start of their engagement.

SEO Reseller India model is an ideal model for providing outsourced SEO services and the track record of successful engagements based on this model has been phenomenal.

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