Your SEO is not speaking to your customer!!

Mar 2


Pamela  Scout

Pamela Scout

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Don't do SEO keeping the search engines in mind. Do your work targeting you customer or audience benefit. Search Engines now a day giving most priority to the user experience. So if you take care of customer experience you will rewarded by ranking and ROI.


Customers know regarding how you are trying to appeal them as well as hook their interest with the help of Meta descriptions and title tags and search engine optimization (SEO). One thing that you should know is that your SEO strategy is not working or attracting customers for its needs for improvisation.

In terms of Google Webmaster Guidelines and according to an article by Neil Patel,Your SEO is not speaking to your customer!! Articles it says that concentrating just on SEO is not only good marketing but there is something more related to it.

SEO is not the sole way to dictate Search Engine Results

In actuality, many businesses are using SEO when it comes to achieving the number one rank in the search engine results and in the process, they try complex SEO tactics expecting good results.

  • In that case, it is necessary that before doing SEO for their business, they must know one secret about the ways to appeal to customers. Even this is also stated in the basic principles of Google. It is about making pages focusing on the user’s perspective but not for search engines only. At the same time, you also do not need to get very deep on the algorithm of Google but understand how Google sets SEO into their equations. Thus it is better to put yourself in the customer’s position and work accordingly step by step.


  • Hence, pick out the phrases that a customer uses on a daily basis and use it as a keyword.

Also, forget the usual jargon that you use every day which in reality the customer do not use in actuality. They do not use when they are searching for something through their smartphone.

In such case, if you use the words that customers say instead of the words you use then chances are that you might your target audience.


  • Make sure that you are using intriguing taglines and meta descriptions that will appeal to the viewers. The reality is that there are many companies out there also trying to hook the attention of the customers and that is why it is advised to use the best wordsmith to your advantage. In case, you have not done this before then you should do it now. The customers are not going to waste any time visiting SERVICES or HOME that come on the search engine results page.


  • Try creating content that is interesting which will make the customers share it. The customers are not going to bore their friends or family members by sharing something boring. It should be compelling that they would want to share and let people what they have found it. It is not hard to impress the targeted audience and all you need to do is educate the viewers and they will get inclined to know more about your service and you.


Now that you know what you need to do to get visible on the search results on Google then make sure to remember the facts discussed above for your benefit.