5 digital marketing tips for the insurance area during quarantine

Jun 30


Rohit Siwal

Rohit Siwal

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In today's situation where whole world is lockdown in their homes, digital marketing is play a key role to make businesses alive. Learn how to work digital marketing for insurance and keep your customers engaged.


An unprecedented situation is happening in the world and most people are in isolation because of the Coronavirus.

Technology has been a great ally at this time,5 digital marketing tips for the insurance area during quarantine Articles especially the internet, as the number of access and connected time has increased .

This is an excellent opportunity to work in digital marketing for the insurance area, since people are looking for more information online and buying over the web.

It is important to show that insurance - be it car, travel, residential - is important, clarify doubts and take the opportunity to make sales. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

1. Digitize what you have to do digital marketing for insurance

If you have a travel agency and are used to selling insurance packages by presenting the brochures in person, this will not be possible at this time.

Scan all the material you have and let it be available on social networks, website and your blog.

This will allow people to continue to have access to them and can guarantee the interest of people who are planning for when they can leave the house.

2. Don't stop with your content strategy

Although the routine of many has slowed down, the virtual world has not suffered this impact, on the contrary, people are more connected.

This means that it is not the time to interrupt your digital marketing strategies, they must continue to occur and in some cases be intensified.

For example, whoever owns a car is worried about leaving it in the garage for so long.

It is possible to write an article to clarify this doubt and take the opportunity to disseminate information on the contracting of auto insurance and show the importance of having it in the pandemic.

3. Use social media to interact

To find a little distraction, the use of social networks can increase, so make sure that digital marketing for the insurance area is present in them.

In addition to publishing content, use this channel to communicate with people, maintain a close relationship and show that the company is looking for ways to overcome this moment with its customers.

4. Create partnerships

This is a time to take advantage of opportunities that arise and partnering can be very strategic.

If you intend to sell home insurance, you must have realized that the real estate sector is weak, so look for partnerships that can make your company seen and boost sales.

Join, for example, construction companies or institutions that offer real estate financing, so you can reach your audience through them.

5. Offer premium content for free

If you have any special content or need payment to be made available, offer it to potential customers free of charge in exchange for some information, such as contact details.

Doing so will supply a consumer need and can generate leads to nurture frequently and make offers for when they are ready to finalize a purchase.

One must not stop at that moment when digital marketing strategies for the insurance area can be decisive for the business in the future. See which ones are feasible and invest in them.