5 Ways to Market your Article

Sep 29


Jerret Turner

Jerret Turner

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There's more than one way to market your article. Read on to find out about 5 simple techniques you can use to market your articles.


Like most online marketing methods,5 Ways to Market your Article Articles there's always more than one right way to get the job done. Article marketing is quickly being adopted as the preferred choice for gathering up targeted website traffic.

Use the following ideas to reach a wider and more diverse visitor base with your articles.

1) Submit your articles to your top 10 article directories

How do you know which directories should be in your top 10 list? You have to research and rank them. You may wish to post to general as well as niche article directories depending on your topic.

Use a common set of criteria to rank each directory. A few important criteria that I use are site age, pagerank, friendly approval process, and ease of use.

I submit to several article directories which get spidered by search engines every few hours. These are the types of directories that search engines love and rank higher as a result.

2) Compile your 10 articles and create a free ebook

After you've completed and submitted your articles to directories, compile your articles into a single ebook.

Add a cover page, title page, and resource section. Then submit your book to ebook directories. This will get you more exposure than submitting to article directories alone.

Be sure to include a link to your website on your ebook's title page and resource page.

3) Offer exclusive content to webmasters – for free

You won't be able to use your submitted articles, but you can write 5 to 10 additional articles. Offer them to a single webmaster for exclusive use.

Make sure you get a link back to your site from the bottom of each article. Check out each site using Alexa to gauge how many visitors the site received.

4) Use your blog to submit the articles

Take each of your 10 articles you wrote initially, break them into smaller chunks. Post your article "chunks" on your blog.

The key to this technique is to put more personality into the articles. Spin the articles a little to make sure you catch your voice. This should be fairly easy if you keep each post to 200 words or less.

You should also change the title enough so it can get picked up by different syndication services and social networking sites.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 above

Article marketing should be repeated every month. It's the "feeding" of the search engines with fresh, new content that gets the search engines to love your site.

As you finish a batch of 10 articles, add it to your ebook. What would happen if you had an ebook that was 100+ pages long? Would you, as a site visitor, be willing to give out your name and email address if someone offered you a free resource that was over 100 pages? I would.

As you seek out more creative ways to market your site, don't neglect the methods you may already be applying. Make the most of each marketing technique to diversify your traffic and increase your sales.