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There are several things that you can do to ensure that your articles are read by interested people. Follow these steps to make your articles better.

Article marketing is usually the first step newbies take when beginning their affiliate marketing venture. It's easy,Guest Posting it's fast and it can be tremendously rewarding. Here are 7 tips for making your article marketing venture more successful and putting you on the road to success as an internet marketer.

  1. Keep it SHORT! Short and to the point. The best articles are between 300-500 words. We are a generation of instant gratification, and if the information your readers are looking for isn't divulged quickly, they will move on without even reading the entire article!

  2. Your title is the "eye grabber". Use a title that grabs a readers attention and makes them want to know more - intrigue them. Grab their interest instantly.

  3. Make sure that your main keyword is in the title of your article. Using your main keyword in the title of your article, elps ensure a better ranking in the search engines. Better ranking = more readers

  4. Also make sure your keyword in in the first sentence of the body of your article. DO NOT use your main keyword for more than a 3-5% density throughout the entire article. Many article submission sites actually do not allow the main keyword phrase> to be repeated anywhere in the article. Make sure to read the sites Submission Guidelines.

  5. If your article title is in the form of a question - make sure to ANSWER that question in the body of your article - don't leave your readers hanging! Not answering the question is a mistake many of those new to article marketing make. How would you feel if you had just finished reading a 500 word article in order to get an answer to your question - only to never find it? Always remember that you  are performing a service with your articles. If you offer to answer a question - make sure that you do so.

  6. Use your main keyword as anchor text in your resource box. Most article directories allow 2-3 links in the resource box of your article. Link to your sales page using your main keywords in addition to your product. Anchor text would be the HTML coding with your keyword as the text.

  7. Always remember to provide useful information. Provide enough information to your readers - make them feel as though they have gained something by reading your article. If your readers appreciate the information that you have given them, it's very likely that they will continue on and click on your links. They may be curious about you or your product because you have been helpful to them.

These tips should be utilized in every article that you write. The main purpose from your point of view should be that you want to relay information on to your readers. You want to help them. Don't sell. Don't coerce. Just give them the information you promised in your title and in the resource box, gradually blend into a gentle blurb about learning more, or getting something for free. If you follow the tips, you should do well, and I wish you much success!

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