Harmonize Elements for High Ranking

Nov 21


Bet Cox

Bet Cox

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Ranking high in search engines is like a ... balanced ... act:you can't tip too far to either side or you will not reach your goal. ... a website, you must use both content and me


Ranking high in search engines is like a carefully balanced high-wire act:
you can't tip too far to either side or you will not reach your goal. When
creating a website,Harmonize Elements for High Ranking Articles you must use both content and meta tags effectively, but
not excessively. There are four main elements that you must harmonize: Meta
Tags, Description, Title and Content.

Meta Tags
By now, most people know that a meta tag is a word or group of words
included in the web site's hidden HTML code and includes a description of
the web site, or a set of keywords that reflect the site's content. Search
engines use the meta tags to retrieve content about your site. But do you
know how to place them? Do you know how to use them effectively? There are
several websites that offer tools to help you create meta tags such as
and .

These sites will walk you through the process of listing keywords and
placing the code inside the tag, just after the tag. This is<br>most important! Proper placement of the Meta tags is crucial to being found<br>by search engine spiders as they travel the web. There are three things<br>that you should never do when creating meta tag keywords:<br> <br> * Never repeat keywords needlessly just to include more<br>keywords. <br> * Never hide keywords by using text of the same color as the<br>background<br> * Never use keywords that have nothing to do with your website<br><br>Description<br>The description of your website will appear in your meta tag, <meta<br>name="description" content="Brief description of your website">, as well as<br>in the listing that the search engine returns. Choose descriptive words<br>carefully, ensuring that at least some of them are repeated in the content<br>on your site, your meta tag keywords, and in your title. Now add a little<br>clever marketing pizzazz! "Click Here for ___", is a great phrase to add to<br>your description. Fill-in the blank so that the user is inspired to click<br>for details, promotions, demos, online orders, etc. For instance, "Click<br>here for free samples" is appropriate, but don't overuse "hype" words such<br>as "free" or they could actually lower your ranking.<br><br>Title<br>Your website title is truly the crown of your page and should harmonize with<br>your meta tags and content. It is picked-up by spiders, displayed in search<br>engines and on the title bar of the browser. Make this descriptive but not<br>too long; anything over 100 characters needs to be re-thought. Remember<br>55-65 characters is about all that the user will see on the title bar,<br>depending on their screen size and resolution. After that, the site title<br>will truncate and they will see the browser name and version. So make those<br>first characters count! If your company name is long, try to shorten it to<br>just one or two key words; enough so that the user knows who it is, but more<br>importantly what it is. What your site is about is imperative. Sure you know<br>your company name and what you do, but will the user? Many people only look<br>at the title first. Then if the title fits their need, they will bother to<br>read the description, or better yet, to make the click and jump to your<br>site. Remember, this is online reading, not print. There is a big difference<br>in how the user approaches the process of reading for information on the<br>web.<br><br>Content<br>Content is still king and it reigns supreme over any other clever tactics<br>anyone can come up with. Your site must have verbiage to back up the title,<br>tags and description that you have already created. Repeating keywords or<br>phrases from your description boosts your rankings as well as your<br>credibility. This demonstrates that you are what and who you say you are.<br>Say something substantive about your product or service. You can place<br>little tidbits on the page to reflect these statements if you can't seem to<br>work them into other paragraphs. Don't use an image of text use actual words<br>instead. Using text in an alternative image tag is also a great complement,<br>but it won't replace what you actually say within the website. You want to<br>confirm to your viewers that while you may have used clever marketing<br>techniques to get them there, their click won't be wasted. <div class="source"> <p>Source: <a href="https://www.articlesfactory.com">Free Guest Posting Articles</a> from ArticlesFactory.com</p> </div> <div class="tags"> <div class="elem__tag"> <p>Article "tagged" as:</p> <div class="tags__grid"> <a href="/tag/meta-tags.html" class="el__tag"> <p>meta tags</p> </a><a href="/tag/search-engines.html" class="el__tag"> <p>search engines</p> </a><a href="/tag/search-engine.html" class="el__tag"> <p>search engine</p> </a><a href="/tag/meta-tag.html" class="el__tag"> <p>meta tag</p> </a><a href="/tag/ranking-high.html" class="el__tag"> <p>ranking high</p> </a> </div> </div> <div class="elem__tag"> <p>Categories:</p> <div class="tags__grid"> <a href="/articles/se-tactics.html" class="el__tag"> <p>SE Tactics</p> </a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="side__articles v__ad"> <div class="side__element"> <h2><span class="colored">Related</span> Articles</h2> <div class="side__list"> <ul> <li><a href="/articles/se-optimization/setting-up-your-web-pages-for-search-engine-marketing-success.html">Setting up your web pages for search engine marketing success</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/se-tactics/how-to-create-meta-tags-to-optimize-your-web-site.html">How To Create Meta Tags To Optimize Your Web Site</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/se-optimization/importance-of-meta-tags-optimization.html">Importance of Meta Tags Optimization</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/internet/2003-guide-to-website-optimization.html">2003 Guide To Website Optimization</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/se-optimization/meta-tags-what-are-they-and-which-search-engines-use-them.html">Meta Tags- What Are They and Which Search Engines Use Them?</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/web-design/how-to-use-meta-tags-for-search-engine-optimization.html">How to Use Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/internet/how-meta-tags-influence-seo-and-website-ranking.html">How Meta Tags Influence SEO and Website Ranking</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/web-design/meta-tags-explainedcreate-and-check-your-meta-tags.html">Meta Tags Explained-Create and Check Your Meta Tags</a></li> <li><a href="/articles/se-optimization/search-engine-optimization-want-to-improve-website-se-page-rank-create-effective-meta-tags.html">Search Engine Optimization – Want to Improve Website SE Page Rank? 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