How to use Delicious, Faves and Stumbleupon to increase traffic to your blog

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This article wants to be a guide for bloggers that desire to increase traffic for their blog using these social networks in the proper way. Stumbleupon, Faves and Delicious are three of the most important social network and socia lbookmarking of the web.

Let's see how you can join Stumbleupon,Guest Posting Faves and Delicious to increase traffic to your blog.

How to use Stumbleupon to increase traffic to your blog

Stumbleupon is undoubtedly the best social network that you can use to increase traffic to your blog.  An article by SEO shows how in five days more than 13,000 visits have come only from Stumbleupon.  Certainly for those who have a blog in English, Stumbleupon is undoubtedly the social network on which you have to be on in order to generate a large amount of targeted traffic.  Concerning non-English bloggers, I think Stumbleupon still needs some time to spread and develop the skills already largely established in the English version.  

It is very simple to join Stumbleupon if you know how it works.  First you need to register to the service.  After that, it is important to download and install the toolbar. Then you can start exploring the sites registered on Stumbleupon for the interested categories selected in your profile.  At each site you can tell if you are interested or not and if you like it or not.

In this way Stumbleupon refines the proposal of websites that you are more likely to find interesting. Obviously you can send the pages/posts of your website/blog in order to submit them to other interested users.

Also you can submit to your friends (other Stumblers) pages that you find interesting.  Considering the categories of interest, the top rated pages (Stumble) are viewed by most users who have selected the same interest category.

To exploit the potential of Stumbleupon, it is very important to have as many friends as possible who are interested in the same categories of your website.  Why is it so important to have friends in Stumbleupon? The answer is easy!  By having many friends interested in the same category of your website and your actual website, you could send them new articles which they would find very interesting.  This could make them more willing to vote and visit.   

This will increase the ratings of the submitted page and it will be displayed to more multiple users who may find it interesting, rate it, tell other friends and so on.  So a page could end up with thousand of votes and views in the English version leading to the previously mentioned 13,000 visits in just 5 days.

Use Faves and Delicious to increase traffic to your blog, that is evolved in Faves for the last couple of years was started as one of the many bookmarking services (which Delicious is the most famous) that crowd the web.

Succeeding on bookmarking sites like Delicious or Faves requires constant effort, because strangers and friends will follow you and make you a buzz that will bring more visitors only if you follow certain rules.  The first rule is to frequently update your bookmarking (at least once every two days).

The second rule is to post interesting contents, do not only put pages of your blog as your favorites, but also provides other sites that you think contain interesting content.

Essentially use these sites for what they are.  Make an online copy of your favorite sites and see if people are interested in your arguments and if you are able to offer quality content.   If they are, they will be happy to have found a valuable source of information like you and will be more inclined to visit your site and see what else you can offer.

If you continue to only save your blog pages in your favorites, others who visit your page will be reluctant to visit your page again because they will exchange your links for one of the many advertising only links.

Finally, where you can and it is possible (like in Faves), try to develop friendships with people who have a similar interest in topics. In this way you will be able send them interesting articles and sites that you find around the net.   It will also then allow you to include your own

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