Using PLR Products To Become An Internet Marketing Presence

May 19


Anne P. Jackson

Anne P. Jackson

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Quite a few Internet Marketers use PLR Products to get people to opt-in to their mailing list! A great way to get your name known more widely in whatever niche you're promoting is to create a report from some of your other PLR products.


Just give a good PLR product - away with no strings. (However,Using PLR Products To Become An Internet Marketing Presence Articles it WILL have your links for whatever product you are selling, right?)

Another method you could use is to take an ebook and modify it to your liking. Create an entirely new ebook or a shorter report on your niche and the product your selling (A product that you created from even more of your PLR). Put links to your product (or products) throughout the new ebook or report. Make sure that the report has value and is closely related to your product.

On your product website, you can give your new ebook away as well as the private label rights to it. Provide your prospects and readers with a rebranding software so that they can rebrand the software with their own affiliate links to sell your product. You can find a pretty good rebrander at or just search Google for one. Your affiliates and even potential affiliates can post the free report on their own webpages, blogs and newsletters.

Using PLR in this way provides your affiliates with a great way to promote your product. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Your affiliates job is made easier, you sell more of your product and the end customer is getting great quality.

PLR products make life as an Internet Marketer so much easier. Rarely will you have to spend hours doing long and boring research. Unless you're in a highly technological niche like electronics or outer space voyaging, most niche's are easily adaptable to a wide variety of PLR products. All it takes is a little imagination and some simple rewriting and you will have something fresh and new for your affiliates, your prospects and your existing customers.

Using PLR to generate new products is perfectly acceptable. Just look at how many biographies of historical figures you see in the library. The “uniqueness”, the “freshness” all come from your perspective, from your take on a particular subject. They way YOU write and modify an older PLR ebook or report may be just what someone new to your niche has been trying to grasp for months. Now YOU have provided them with the answer to their question(s). You'll build loyalty and repeat customers over time.

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