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www.itsallaboutlinks.com - Web Directory submissions, unlike search engine submissions, are reviewed by web masters and therefore all submitted links undergo a great deal of scrutiny by the editors reviewing them. It is important that your website is submitted correctly in order to obtain the listings you need.

Listings in DMOZ (Open Directory Project) and the Yahoo Directory can be very helpful for boosting your website in the search engines. Google,Guest Posting Yahoo and MSN view websites listed in these link directories as more important than those which are not.

How to Submit Link Correctly?

If you are interested in submitting your website yourself, there is much to consider. The problem for most webmasters is that getting a good listing in a reasonable amount of time rarely occurs. In fact, some webmasters find it impossible to get a web directory listing in DMOZ at all.

One of the biggest mistakes webmasters make is submitting their site to link directory too soon. There is an excitement and urgency associated with getting your site "out there" for the world to see, that is understandable, but it simply doesn't work.

The solution is understanding the expectations these directories have when it comes to submissions. Once you understand how to submit link correctly, you can obtain the best link directory listings in the least amount of time possible.

Prepare before you Add Link to Web Directory

Never submit a site that appears to be under construction. Of course, you are going to be adding to your site's content for years to come, but don't submit if you have any pages that are BLANK or any words on your site such as "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction".

Make sure your site loads properly and quickly. If there is difficulty with the loading or error messages pop up, the editor who is trying to review your site won't stick around.

Check all your links. Having broken links is a real sign of a site that is poorly managed.

Yahoo and DMOZ directories, and many others, simply will not list your site if it does not appear to be complete, is difficult to bring up, or has broken links, even if you have paid a submission fee.

To prevent these problems, thoroughly check every page of your site for any sign of the appearance of it being incomplete, double check every link on every page and present clean code.

Find the Appropriate Category for Add Link

A grueling but necessary task in submitting to any links directory is finding the most appropriate category.

All directories expect you to find the perfect category (and sub-category) for your site before you submit. You must drill down to the category and sub-category (or mulitple sub-categories) where your site fits BEST in each link directory.

If you have a bricks and mortar company website, or offer locally specific services, always opt for the Regional category first. Depending on the circumstances, your site may qualify for 2 listings, one regional and one product or service specific category.

Once you find the perfect category for your site, having drilled down to the last sub-category possible, you will click the "add site" button FROM that PAGE.

If you add to the wrong category 1 of 2 things will occur, depending on the web directory.

Senario 1: Your site will be tossed to the appropriate category where it will go to the back of a long line for a long wait to be reviewed by a 2nd editor.

Senario 2: Your submission will be denied. In this instance, you may or may not be notified, depending on the links directory. You will then have the option of re-subitting.

Obviously, it is worth taking the time to find the appropriate category to start with.

Submit the Correct URL

There are very few circumstances in which these directories will accept a sub domain listing. Always submit the top-level domain of your site and use the most direct form of the url.

For example: The correct url could be - www.itsallaboutlinks.com

No other url is acceptable. Do not add index.html or any sub domains.

Submit the correct URL or you will not get an editor to give your site the time of day.

Write an Acceptable Site Description

Writing a description for your site is the trickiest part of getting listed in DMOZ and Yahoo.

Your meta description will not suffice for link directory submissions. These directories want an objective description of your site in no more than 2 sentences. Basically you are required to write a fairly dull and very objective sentence or 2 that describes your site.

A few rules of thumb:

- Do not repeat your title in the description.- Do not use all caps;use mixed case.- Use complete sentences.- Do not say the word site or website, as in "this site offers"- Do not use any hype like "the best" or "excellent".- Keep it short and to the point.- Fit your main keyword phrases in but do not repeat them.

If you have written a short boring description that generically describes your site, you have probably written an acceptable description for DMOZ and Yahoo.

I suggest going to your appropriate category in each web directory and studying the descriptions that are given to the sites that are listed there.

Even if you write the perfect description, it may get changed by the editor who reviews your site. However, the closer your description is to "acceptable" according to their guidelines, the quicker your site will get listed and the better your chances of not having the description re-written (destroyed basically) by the editor.

Use the Official Title

When DMOZ directory or the Yahoo directory refers to your site "title" they want the REAL title of your site. They do not want your title tag (the one that shows in your browser's title bar).

What to Expect?

Yahoo - The Yahoo directory charges a non-refundable 299.00 to review your site. If you have submitted correctly, Yahoo should list your site within a day or 2 and charge 299.00 per year to maintain the listing. If your submission is declined, they will inform you by e-mail.

DMOZ - "Submit and Forget" is the theme! This free directory is run by 2 employees and a host of volunteer editors. It may take anywhere from 2 days to more than a year for your site to be reviewed.

DMOZ does not inform you of the status of your submission. I highly recommend that you do not give any thought to your dmoz submission status. It's best to submit correctly and forget it forever. However, once 6 months have passed, you can check the status by posting in their forum at resource-zone.com. They will need to know your url and the exact category of the submission. They won't give you much information but an editor will tell you whether your site is still waiting for review or if it was declined.

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