10 Ways Life Gets Easier When You Build Good Habits

Mar 1


Beth Tabak

Beth Tabak

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Making a habit of consistently developing good habits can make life easier in so many areas and lead to dramatic new results. Learn 10 ways life becomes easier as you change behavior patterns one step at a time. Then get the steps to get started today.


“Good habits,10 Ways Life Gets Easier When You Build Good Habits Articles once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits” Robert Puller

Habits add enough structure to change life drastically long term. Picking up one new good habit a month leads to 12 improved habits over a year and 60 in 5 years. Even half of that could change behavior that leads to significant results. What kind of impact would that have on your career, business, goals, relationships, health, finances, etc.? How would your quality of life be different?  Aristotle explained, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Here are 10 ways life gets easier when you change habits in a positive direction.

Sharpening Focus- Setting up small habits to help you stay clear on priorities, plan ahead, or be organized can increase and sharpen your focus. This results in achieving more, faster; and saving time.

Happier Relationships- Setting boundaries, daily gratitude and affection, etc. can lead to upgraded relationships. I once met a man who started his day turning to his wife and thanking God for her every morning when they awoke. Imagine what this small habit could do for a relationship?

Healthful Lifestyle- Exercise, deep breathing, yoga, drinking more water, increasing healthy foods intake, etc. can reduce trips to the doctor and hospital while allowing more time for feeling good, having fun, and getting things done. Begin with just one small addition at a time.

More Energy- With some habits you can pick up bonus benefits. Developing habits above that sharpen focus and improve health can also give you more energy. Getting the right amount of sleep each night helps, too.

Higher Education- Good habits that make time for reading, education, developing a skill, etc. can lead to developing expertise and a well rounded education that improves communication with others, opens more doors, and helps you make educated decisions.

Steadfast Confidence- Naturally, all of the areas above can help build a stronger sense of self when you feel good about who you are, have focus and purpose, and the support of good relationships.

More Opportunities- More doors open when you are feeling great about yourself, you are continuously developing your education and skills, and you have a network of great relationships around you.

Better Choices- Good habits can add structure to save time and remove you from chaos. Then you can get out of your head and into your heart to connect with intuition and make great choices. Intuition is rarely wrong. In addition, educational habits help develop a library of resources that you can access quickly when needed to help make tough decisions. And developing good relationships leads to knowing just the right person to call for advice.  

More Spiritually Connected- Studies have found that those who are spiritually connected are able to handle crisis more easily. Habits that develop your soul strengthen you to handle hardships.

Feel Great- Notice how much of the above builds on each other to develop you, your career, family, and life in a way that makes you feel great. Personal development through change of habits creates the foundation to make your journey a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

 We all have habits that are in place or developing. The question then becomes: Are your habits supporting you to achieve goals you envision for your career, relationships, business, life, etc. long term? Follow these steps to change habits and change behavior one step at a time:

~ Choose one small habit to develop this month that will bring you benefits for years to come.
~ Keep it simple while developing the routine. You can always expand on it later. Create the lifestyle change.
~ Put structure in place to add accountability and stay on track, such as keeping a journal or having an accountability partner.
~ Stay focused on the benefits.

Enjoy feeling life become easier as it transforms in a positive direction one habit at a time… Starting Now!