5 Best Crystals For Self Love

Feb 3


Healing Designed

Healing Designed

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: These crystals that you will read here may seem like a frivolous form of practicing self-love, but these are not merely decorations to make you feel better. Crystals are not just trinkets; they are from the Earth, emanating different energies.


Maybe this heart of yours that longs for something more is being prepared for something so much greater than you."  Morgan Harper Nichols


Self-love can be quite an elusive word despite it being a mainstream topic in a world dreary of the hustle and bustle of daily life. The need for it has grown exponentially,5 Best Crystals For Self Love Articles and creators in different platforms have carved out a niche in this topic, empowering people to embrace it.


But these picture-perfect depictions of self-love also put unnatural pressure on this mindful and, most of the time, painful process.


Yes, self-love can manifest in many forms; sometimes, it's as simple as binging a TV series after an exhausting work week. It can also be a pleasant afternoon with a book in solitude. But above all else, self-love can also be about being accountable and bearing the pain throughout.


It doesn't always have to be Instagram worthy.


These crystals that you will read here may seem like a frivolous form of practicing self-love, but these are not merely decorations to make you feel better. Crystals are not just trinkets; they are from the Earth, emanating different energies.


They are as ancient as the Earth itself.


Many people might argue how you harness crystals to your benefit, but the main takeaway with crystal healing is that you make it a tangible anchor in your life when everything just doesn't seem to fall into place.


It might not be perfect for everyone, but it is a tangible form of hope that promises to accompany you all throughout your process. You just have to embrace it and harness it as you deem fit in your life.


5 Best Crystals for Self Love




A calming stone that brings forth the nurturing energy of the Moon. Just like the ever-changing phases of this lunar planet, so are we subjected to change. 


As you begin your journey towards self-love, you first have to learn how to embrace stillness. For it is only when you finally silence the inner critic within that you begin to step into new beginnings.


Self-love may often be associated with external pleasures, but you first have to heal your inner world through realignment. Moonstone's healing properties offer you the opportunity to bring emotional solitude to your healing journey. 



Known as the "Rescue Stone," Rhodonite is a crystal for self-love through forgiveness. Once you have gone through the stillness offered by Moonstone, you can start to acknowledge the wounds and trauma you have in your heart.


In this stage, Rhodonite's healing properties allow you to process the facets of your pain. There is no better way to practice self-love than to first forgive yourself. 


Forgive yourself for not acknowledging your own pain. Forgive yourself for those regretful decisions you can no longer undo. Forgive yourself for compromising too much of your healing for the sake of other people.


It's not an easy process because it requires you to delve deep into the murky waters of your pain. 


But you have to face your wounds, hover your hands in those emotions that you thought were gone into oblivion. Make an effort to expose your pain because no one will do it for you.


It may be difficult at first, but just remember that you can effectively pinpoint how to heal yourself once you have finally acknowledged your pain. 


So, no matter how ridiculous you may feel when you're just starting this process, just remember that you are not alone. Forgive yourself, and you'll soon feel your heart lighten. 




This crystal for self-love emanates the healing green energy of the heart chakra. Oftentimes, Aventurine is known for bringing success and opportunities when it comes to career.


But beyond its ability to attract abundance, this healing crystal also aids in guarding your heart.


Once you've started to acknowledge your pain and work on patching yourself up, you'll soon feel whole again. But no matter how you are committed to carving your own space of self-love, it's crucial that you also set firm boundaries.


Aventurine's healing properties aid you in blocking off energy vampires. These people are the ones that you'd often call for, a lack of a better word, "toxic." They are the ones that feed off your energy by gaslighting you, bringing you down through microaggressions, or just plainly taking advantage of you.


It's high time that you protect your energy. You can't just fall on the same destructive patterns and expect yourself to undergo the painful healing process with yourself again.


You don't owe anyone your time or your energy. Prioritize your healing first, and if people will choose to violate your boundaries instead, then it's probably time to let go of them. 


Because these are the kinds of people that don't value your healing process. They don't respect your own decisions and only expect you to adjust to their needs, demands, and desires.


You are more than just a convenient person that caters to them. You owe yourself healing and not them. 


Rose Quartz


By far, the most popular healing crystal of love, Rose Quartz, imbibes you with nurturing energy within. As opposed to what other people might think of this crystal, Rose Quartz doesn't merely attract love.


Instead, it allows you to be more receptive to beauty and love. Rose Quartz's healing properties are faceted when it comes to healing the heart.


Whenever bitterness has grown to fester in your heart, Rose Quartz enables you to appreciate the little things in your life. It helps you to open your heart once again to love by allowing you to bask in the beauty of life. 


It may seem idealistic at first, but the healing properties of Rose Quartz do bring harmony in your emotional ties, both within you and towards your relationships.


Whenever you feel as if you're unworthy of love or just plain bitter with everything in your life, Rose Quartz can help you embrace love once again.


It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love, but simply acceptance of yourself.




Last but definitely not the least is the transformative Labradorite. This magical crystal is often associated with new beginnings and taps on your hidden potential.


This may not be the typical crystal when it comes to self-love, but what better way to bring love within than by letting yourself be open to transformative changes?


When you desire to heal yourself, the last step for you to finally move on from past hurts is through stepping on the gateway of change.


You can't always go through the same old destructive patterns. Once you start healing yourself, you'll soon realize the importance of shedding the negativity in your life.


Labradorite permits you to finally embrace change and the cathartic release of energies that no longer serve you. 


Crystal healing may be an ancient practice, but as it finally has gained back attention in the mainstream in this time, people can benefit from their prowess with no stigma.


Take these crystals with you wherever you may be currently in your life. Harness them as you see fit, and remember that these are only mediums that can help you out. 


However, crystals have specific treatments that you might want to know, like activating crystals and cleansing them. Taking care of your crystals is a wonderful practice as you become closer to them and share their energy in the process. 


In your healing journey of self-love, always remember that it may be difficult at first, but just take your time and know that you're not alone. 


"When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents, and those moments weren't in vain. You are not the same. You have grown, and you are growing. You are breathing; you are living, you are wrapped in endless, boundless grace. And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday."

 Morgan Harper Nichols