Irrefutable Logic of Not-Logic - Part 2 of 2

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The Rise of Logic

Logic would not exist if it were not for Not-Logic. In fact,Guest Posting how's this for a paradox - Logic itself was created from Not-Logic. Not-Logic is the elemental thinking ability we are all born with, the natural organic expression of our being, a wondrous gift that to date has defied concise explanation.

Logic is an artificial man-made system. Like the Frankenstein's monster of thinking, Logic was created by sewing together select aspects of Not-Logic to create a new entity with a life of its own, conceived, constructed, and breathed into being no doubt by the most devious of Not-Logical minds. And true to the monster's form - Logic, once aware of its own existence, has sought domination and turned on its Not-Logical creator with vengeance. Logic has since devoted itself to wreaking havoc in the cranial universe, sowing its Logical seed and determined to obliterate any Not-Logic that dares to stand in its way.

Logic would never have the opportunity to answer a question if it were not for Not-Logic's ability of raising questions.

Not-Logic is strictly concerned with movement from one idea to the next deliberately exploring purely for the sake of discovering of something new. Not-Logic never stops to consider whether an idea is right or wrong, it is strictly concerned with where it might lead. An idea, which seams wrong, may still lead somewhere very useful.

Consider the statement 1 + 1 = 3

The above statement is completely illogical. The mind immediately recognizes it as false because it does not fit the Logic of mathematics. It is therefore judged as irrelevant and summarily rejected. Once an idea is rejected Logic breaks down, there is no Logical way to proceed. Although this statement makes no sense Logically it makes perfect sense Not-Logically.

Proving the Relevance of Not-Logic

Exercise - Find the Not-Logical relevance of the following statements.

1 + 1 = Dancing

1 + 1 = Sight

1 + 1 = Bicycle

1 + 1 = Flight

1 + 1 = Ostrich

1 + 1 = Book

Potential answers are:

1 foot + 1 foot = Dancing

1 eye + 1 eye = Sight

1 wheel + 1 wheel = Bicycle

1 wing + 1 wing = Flight

1 leg + 1 leg = Ostrich

1 cover + 1 cover = Book

The above exercise is meant to illustrate the fundamental difference between Logic and Not-Logic. Logic dictates that 1 + 1 will always equal 2, no other conclusion is possible. Not-Logic dictates that 1 + 1 has the potential to equal absolutely anything. Not-Logic can find meaning where Logic finds none. Not-Logic can take steps in new and potentially valuable directions were Logic can only shrug its shoulders in despair.

Successfully generating new ideas with Not-Logic depends on your ability to temporarily suspend the urge to apply the judgment of Logic and maintain deliberate focus on bold exploration with Not-Logic.

You Had It All Along

For all its mystery and intrigue Not-Logical thinking is a very simple, well defined method that you will understand and begin to utilize with practice. Not-Logical thinking is not something new to learn, it is something that must be remembered. Most people are surprised to discover that they had the ability all along. They were simply never informed of its existence, never shown its incredible value, never properly trained in its use, and never had the advantage of the powerful tools available to learn how to use it effectively.

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The Irrefutable Logic of Not-Logic

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