Are You Afraid of Change?

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Change, no matter how you cut it, can ... be ... task. There are so many ways to change; ... ... ... ... ... andhow you treat others. However, let’s

Change,Guest Posting no matter how you cut it, can certainly be adaunting task. There are so many ways to change; yourimage, attitude, environment, perceptions, addictions, andhow you treat others. However, let’s explore the reasons for change. Firstly,aspects in your life that negatively affect self progression,whether put upon yourself or not, scream loudest to bechanged. Many times the guarded vaults inside ourselves mask thisneed for change, due to false pride, or the meremisperception of how change can improve our quality oflife. As a result, a vicious cycle of negativity will hover ifthese changes fail to be made. So then, how do we know when to prioritize a needfulchange so that it can be properly made?No matter how blind one can get, signs from friends andfamily, or negative reactions to your conduct by others candefinitely be the most telling, and that’s where you wouldstart. This recognition is a crucial beginning point, because if youcan’t recognize and then admit, then you will always be indenial of your infractions.For example: If you are a drug addict or any type of addictfor that matter, the only way you are going to get clean ofthat chemical is not by force from the state or your family,but from within. This introspection, though through a haze of chemicals ordenial is tough, cannot be overstated in its importance. Although, when done with logic and perspective, it can beutterly empowering. How does someone muster up enough will to make acritical change?Despite what everyone else will think, whether bad orgood; knowing yourself through introspection is indeed thebest route with which to take, and will nullify all thoseexternal forces. This, in part, is where your power to make that change willbe generated. Instead of worrying how others will perceiveyou in your plights, simply put, ...don’t!Trusting yourself above everything else is fundamentallyhow change can start to be implemented. In addition, whena change for the better has been made, subsequent changescan and will be made more smoothly with less internalconflict. Understanding the power of your own mind and how it canheal itself when given a chance is what I hope people cantake from this article. You do not have to be afraid of change!Positive changes in life should always be sought out, anddispelling your fears through self trust can arguably becomeyour best ally in making your next change. --by Brian Maloney-ValuePrep.comWant to improve your personal values?Get high-quality-relationship advice for guys and gals from a 'Logical' standpoint. Visit ValuePrep Relationship Advice **Attn Ezine editors / Site Owners**Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your website as long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above.

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