Forgiveness- A Solution For Healing

Nov 9


William West I Manuel

William West I Manuel

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For centuries humanity has experienced harmful, and traumatic events. In order to move forward, and continue in spiritual growth. Humanity must start a continual cycle of forgiveness.

What is forgiveness? According to the Webster’s dictionary” It is the act of giving a person a pardon for a sin or injury against another person.”    But is there a sin or injury that is caused by another person to severe to forgive? According to the Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry out of 120 depressed male and female patients. There were 76.80 males, Forgiveness- A Solution For Healing Articles and 79.87 females chose to forgive the person that sinned or caused them harm.    Humanity has experienced many harmful acts for centuries, but if we choose not to forgive. We never will heal. This journey called life is to learn by different experiences. We learn to forgive by the example of others. Forgiveness starts with a mending of the heart. As a person heals they begin to let go of the pain of the past. Memories lay dormant, but the person gradually progress towards better options in his or her life.   A famous pioneer in our current life time once said that a person must grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in order to be able to forgive. Martin Luther King Jr. So it is a process to once again be able to forgive no matter the sin or injury someone may have caused a person.    In conclusion how can a person expect someone to forgive them if they are not willing, and able to do the same? Learn from past experiences. Do not forget what was learned. Forgive, and move forward with a positive attitude. There is no life without change.   Forgiveness is a choice, but it should be a requirement. A continuing cycle of disorder from hurtful or harmful events will cause a person to become the executor that they themselves despise. Start a new cycle of forgiving, and let your life blossom into an environment of joy.   All are kindred in all creation.  The practice of loving all is beyond anything else. The practice of peace is of the utmost.  Divine love saves. True love heals all.   Value your fellow man, woman, or child more than material gains or possessions.  This is true caring.  The force of love generates from the core or heart.  It is a force in constant motion.  It generates from the source of unconditional compassion.    Peace brings hope.  Happiness dwell within a mind of peace. Forgiveness starts the process of healing the spirit.   What is the art of forgiveness?  The practice of forgiving each, and every person that a being encounters.  Forgiving does not have to be for a personal wrong, harm, or act. Forever forgiving eliminates a high percentage of thought processes to do wrong.   This new cycle of forgiveness will allow a person to enact new behavior modifications, and elevate his or her inner light positively. The biological brain starts to be re-programmed to think in a positive way, because the polarity has shifted from negative by the way of trauma.    This is the way of life in the coming new spiritual reality.  To forgive is an action of true love.     Forgiveness. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2020, from HYPERLINK ""    Abid, M. (2017, March 16). Forgiveness: As Attaining Mental Health among Depressed Patients. Retrieved February 21, 2020, from HYPERLINK ""     Schmitz, E. (2020, January 1). Martin Luther King Jr. Day: The Power of Forgiveness, by Martin Luther King, Jr.: Holidays. Retrieved February 21, 2020, from