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To graduate really means to advance to a new level of skill, achievement, or activity but we think of it as a degree or diploma.  We launch ourselves into something new at each level and there are times we do not even know we are graduating.

This month,Guest Posting we are surrounded by many people "graduating" from one level to the next.  

But in reality, we are always "graduating" from one level to the next.  Although we often think of graduation as the conferral of a degree or diploma, to "graduate" really means "To advance to a new level of skill, achievement, or activity."

What have you grown out of that you leave (or need to leave!) behind?

Sometimes we "graduate" out of friendships, marriages, jobs, relationships, houses and levels of income.  At each step, we launch ourselves into something new.  Sometimes we are prepared for the new level, and sometimes we don't even know we're graduating, and keep on doing things the same way we did before.

I know at times in my past, I "graduated" beyond a certain level, but was holding on so hard to the old ways, that I forgot I needed to learn new methods to be able to keep up with where I was now.

Graduating to new levels can be difficult.  However, the *process* is part of the growth cycle

When a caterpillar goes into a chrysalis, it seems as if they are doing "nothing" -- they are simply inactive.  But how far from the truth!  In reality, this stage of quiet is allowing the growth and complete transformation into something new! 

However, if you've ever watched a new butterfly emerge out of the chrysalis, it has to fight hard to do so.  It cannot emerge without a lot of struggle.

In spite of the difficulty, this step in the process is a necessity.  For those butterflies that have had the chrysalis cut off from them (seemingly making the process "easier"), they were weaker, their wings aren't ready, and they die.

What a metaphor for life.  Although cliche, it is so true.  This month, as we reflect on our theme of All Experiences Bring You Something, think about where you are in your life.  In what areas are you ready to "graduate" to the next level?  Where have you graduated to already, and are you embracing those new skills, or holding on to your old methods?

I know that I am also continuing to "graduate" from one level to the next -- continually learning, growing and changing.  At it's not always easy!  I am chagrined, at times, to see where I have refused to change and grow, and have to remind myself to let go of old habits, patterns and ways that no longer serve me...

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