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In the ... in the ... – God; in the ... God created. In the ... of what? In the ... of all creation or in the ... of a ... ... Since the Bible story a

In the beginning; in the beginning – God; in the beginning God created. In the beginning of what? In the beginning of all creation or in the beginning of a particular creation? Since the Bible story appears to be about a particular people and their relationship to their Creator,Guest Posting it is reasonable to believe we are talking about a particular creation. Yet, we can just as easily see two creations or more, early in the first chapter of Genesis. Genesis, Chapter 1, goes on to summarize what was created and the sequence. What ought to matter most to us is the mechanism or process of creation, which is only partially described.

It is clear by Scripture the method of creation is in part, allowance - Letting. We know by history and experience how poorly forcing and violence works in creating a desired outcome. Yet, except in art, allowing a desired result does not occur to the foolish or the wise. If allowance is the method of creation, it stands to reason disallowance can block or prevent the creation of things unwanted, as a dam on a river prevents the natural flow of water.

Scripture is not designed to supply every detail about how to do a thing. One has to ask questions and read between the lines. It should be obvious allowing a thing to manifest is not the first step of the creation process. Before a thing is allowed, it must be intended by someone. If it is not intended it will not manifest. If you should ask what about unintended consequences, such as we see in the evening news, I say to you it was someone's intention to create what happened and we all allowed it. There is no such thing as an unintended consequence. Adam and Eve did not intend to be expelled from Eden. That was the intention of the serpent. Adam and Eve allowed that intention to manifest.

Before any thing is intended, it must be desired. This explains much about the state of affairs in our modern world. The desires of a few disallow the desires of the many and only allow their own to manifest. The few know what I'm saying but the many do not know. They accumulate material, political, psychological and spiritual power to manifest their selfish desires at the expense of the world.

Before one creates a desire for something, one must imagine it. The thought is the very thing necessary to begin the process of creation. Martin Luther King knew this and told us that he had a dream. Dreams are often the precursors to thoughts if not thoughts in themselves and imaginings are much the same as dreams. We can now see Martin Luther King’s creation process in his work. In the process, first came the dream or image, which led to desire, which became an intention, which manifested as the Civil Rights Movement.

There is an important creation lesson in the Martin Luther King story. When he publicly announced his dream, the corporate power of a mighty nation mobilized a great opposition to it and we might think he would have done better to pursue his dream in a quiet manner. Not so. Because he revealed his dream publicly, he attracted capable people who shared his intention to manifest that dream. He found leadership and volunteers for the movement. This forced him to commit to his intention and stand fast in the face of overwhelming opposition.

There is a theory of Master Mind Alliance, described in a fifty year old book, called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The theory goes that the more people who intend to manifest a thing, the greater the chance of success. Today, this Master Mind Alliance is called critical mass. We can't know when we will reach the critical mass to guarantee manifesting an intention. We do know it does not require a majority by any means. The critical mass is the true power of the minority.

The more Martin Luther King stood up and spoke in the face of violent opposition, the more people joined his effort, until the Master Mind Alliance reached critical mass and the opposition had to allow the manifestation of civil rights. This is why one does not need the will or approval of the majority to succeed and manifest an intention, usually wasting critical resources to win majority support.

When violence, evil and wickedness prevail in this world, it is because the commitment to that intention is far greater than the desire of others to disallow it. It is a battle of Master Mind Alliances and the strongest prevails. The reason the negative forces have the stronger Master Mind Alliance is because they have been able to keep potential opposition ignorant. They have been plying their craft for many generations. It may surprise you to learn that ignorance is the stronghold of the wicked. Go anywhere a strongman rules and you will find he or they rule over ignorant people. People kept so busy with survival issues or entertainments, they have had their imaginations crushed. The only reason people ever accept evil is the core belief it can be no other way. They believe all creative power belongs to those who have created what they see. Ignorance is the reason followers greatly outnumber leaders. The follower asks if he or she dares believe the leader and share in that dream. The leader works to create a Master Mind Alliance that reaches critical mass, whether it takes a year or a lifetime. Commitment requires patience.

It is not always necessary that one's intention be publicly announced but the last thing God does in His creation is to speak His intention. I think for safety reasons we must speak aloud, though there seems to be no one to hear. Speak your intention out loud in prayer. Shout it to heaven.

In a democratic society the ignorant are encouraged to vote because they are easily manipulated and their participation legitimizes corporate, fascist stooges and yes men. In the recent U.S. presidential election, it was evil versus evil. In an effort to choose the lesser evil, good alternatives were almost completely ignored. Ignorant voters split very evenly about which evil was the lesser. The best manipulators won the contest. To prevent the ignorant from appearing to choose national leadership would be undemocratic. One creative solution eliminates the ignorance and manipulation. A Master Mind Alliance is needed to teach people to choose good even if they believe good guys finish last. We need a movement that refuses to vote for any candidate who buys media advertising and any candidate running within the two corporate political parties. Vote for minor party candidates if you vote at all.

The world we are observing is created daily by our permission and disinterest. We allow it. Let there be violence, theft, fraud, disease, misery and suffering. Let power be in the hands of the wicked. All the people say amen. Surely we can do better. Why don’t we??

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