Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 3

Nov 16


Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee

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Characteristics of a genuine Master. Important points to remember in regards to metaphysical fraud.


1. Before looking for causes of your personal problems and their solutions in the metaphysical world and field,Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 3 Articles look for them in the physical realm. This also applies to phenomena that you may not understand. Instead of believing that they are supernatural in nature, first rationalize if their causes are not of a physical character.

2. Avoid systems of paranormal or metaphysical development that do not stress or lay down spiritual principles as their foundation. Those that teach metaphysics without the basic spiritual, ethical, and moral precepts are unknowingly the instruments of the Dark forces that ever seek to delay the spiritual progress of humanity.

3. Avoid metaphysical schools and teachers that offer "instant" psychic or spiritual unfoldment. These schools and teachers are not aware of the short-term and long-term adverse effects of their methodology. This is not to say that their methods do not work. What we are implying here is that there are dangers that they are ignorant of. Though they may think, feel and declare that dangers do not exist, dangers are inherent and do exist in any forced psychic growth. If you are seriously and sincerely interested in studying metaphysics, then we suggest that you find yourself a genuine teacher or school with genuine spiritual traditions, lineage, and roots. Their instructions and guidance are life-long and not limited to a short-course of study. They will teach you how to unfold spiritually and psychically naturally, and not force your growth in any way whatsoever.

4. Avoid paranormals and metaphysicians that make bombastic claims and advertise themselves excessively. The genuine metaphysician does not make much use of advertisements. He or she knows that their helpfulness to the public would spread from mouth to mouth. It is just an ego-trip that makes paranormals advertise themselves glamorously. Let us reason this out: even medical doctors and psychologists who serve the public do not advertise themselves in a glamorous fashion, why then should paranormals reduce themselves below the level of other social servants? The psychological reasons are usually insecurity, a sense of inferiority, ego-centeredness, or malice.

5. Avoid teachers of psychicism that commercialize their teachings or services in an irrational and ostentatious manner. They would overcharge you for their services, and make you dependent upon them so that you would return to them again and again. The genuine metaphysician will help you to help yourself and not seemingly help you but enriching themselves financially in the process. Please recognize the difference. We do not imply here that it is wrong for the metaphysician to charge for his services. On the contrary, charging for services is an acceptable practice in any field. What should be avoided are seeking aid from paranormals making irrational and excessive demands. Paranormals or metaphysicians making strange and unethical demands should be avoided at all cost.

6. Avoid dubious characters posing as paranormals, metaphysicians, adepts, Spiritual Gurus, Masters and Teachers. Always learn as much as you can of their character, their motives and purpose before establishing a Guru-Chela (Disciple) relationship with them or seeking their help in any way.

7. Be cautious of the services, wares, and products of paranormals. Disregard any predictions that they make concerning your future. Fortune telling is a dangerous pastime when taken too seriously. Genuine metaphysicians will hardly predict someone's future. The acceptance of one's predicted "future" causes passivity and submission and this a true metaphysician will not allow. He will not teach or cause one to accept one's fate but instead teach how to create one's future. One is to be a cause of one's well-being and happiness and not be the receiving end of some adversity caused by external forces.

The Characteristics of a Spiritual Master

We would like to point out some of the qualities of an adept or a true spiritual Master of Metaphysics. By making this list it is hoped that the metaphysical student will know a true Master when he meets one and also to discover the right goals of attainment, the characteristics that should be acquired in order to reach Mastership; however, we caution the reader not to superficially adopt these characteristics in order to misrepresent themselves as Masters.

A Master expresses beauty in everything he/she says, with every physical movement, with every glance. He is likewise deeply sensitive to beauty in all forms.

A Master never directs attention to himself. He never indulges in self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, self-centered thought, self-centeredness, etc. He is egoless.

A Master has a strong, steady gaze that penetrates the soul. They often seem to be looking into the infinite distance.

A Master has deep respect for all members of the kingdoms of Nature.

A Master's very presence radiates power.

Unconditional love is a basic quality of a Master. A Master never judges. He is always impersonal, detached and compassionate.

A true Master is a Master of Wisdom. His understanding of life and Cosmic laws far exceeds those of the average person.

A Master though possessing some or all spiritual and psychic powers have renounced their use except for emergencies and urgencies. He, therefore, will hardly ever reveal to anyone that he has them.

A Master never commands he simply suggest, he never instills fear but awakens courage. He never makes you feel bad of yourself; on the contrary, he helps you build self-esteem.

As a rule, a Master never predicts a person's future and he never flatters the human ego.

A Master will always lead and direct you to the ultimate goal. Though he may teach the lower laws, truths and forces applicable to the improvement of mundane life he will not place too much emphasis upon them instructing that the phenomenal world is nothing but a dream and is illusory from the absolute perspective. He will direct your attention to more important matters.

A Master seldom speaks of his past, of himself, of his background, etc., unless it is pertinent and useful as illustrations in the conveyance of spiritual teachings to others.

A Master is detached from the occurrences of mundane life and the effects of human experience. He would never feel psychological pain should he find himself in adverse conditions, neither would he feel too overjoyed in times of prosperity. He is psychologically stable and centered, and is in a constant state of bliss at all times no matter what the outer circumstance.

A Master is universal and non-sectarian in his attitudes. He sees all men as an expression of the Supreme regardless of their religious leanings, their color, race, sex, etc. Though a Master may not be religious, he is deeply spiritual.

A true Master is creatively original. Being enlightened by his own divine essence a Master would teach or even write books directly from his heart and own experience. He would never plagiarize the work of another or teach things that are outmoded. It should be realized though that most Masters do not write many books--they leave that to their disciples.

Masters do not argue. They know that no amount of argument would convince the skeptic, and to those who are true seekers no argument would be necessary. They also never proclaim or reveal their spiritual status and speak only when their words are beneficial and cause positive motion. Masters, are therefore, usually reticent.

A Master embodies most, if not all of the divine virtues.

A Master is sweet, simple, and childlike; but when they focus their attention upon the problems of humanity they are a fount of wisdom.

A Master is often unpredictable, and his ways are not always understood.

A true spiritual Master never engages or indulges in low psychic activities. A Master serves by awakening the slumbering soul within man.

Although compassionate, a Master never sympathize with the feelings of the human ego for he does not recognize imperfection, he is simply aware of the perfection of God indwelling in the divine spark within microcosmic man.

A Master has no longer any egoic desires, he no longer functions from the personality level; he has long given up his human will in favor of the expression of the Divine Will of God.

A Master never complains, he knows no suffering for he transcends it. He also knows no death for his consciousness goes way beyond the confines of time and space.

A true Master does not hasten a student's psychic growth prematurely by any "transference" of power. He always predominately concentrates upon raising the consciousness, improving the character, the spirituality, and increasing the wisdom and the understanding of his students.

A Master never judges the outer person of others but looks into the depths of their soul for value.

A Master never makes others feel guilty or sinful in any way, however, he does lead others from darkness into Light.

Although detached, impersonal, and sometimes seemingly aloof, a Master is full of affection for his chelas (students).

A Master appreciates every small service that is offered to him and the great work of manifesting the Divine Plan.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding and admirable characteristics of Spiritual Masters is that they do not consider themselves as Masters. This is their humility. They know that they still have a considerable amount of things to master and learn; they are so much aware that they are still undergoing the learning process and are embarrassed to call themselves "Masters" or have anyone else call them that.

By explaining the above the writer of this article does not imply in any way that he's a Spiritual Master--far from it. The road where he is standing still extends to the unseen distance. In any case, it is not for the human ego to assert. We emphasize the principle that by the fruits we shall know the tree. In truth, the human ego is nothing--God everything. In performing their divine and spiritual duties Spiritual Masters declare: "It is not I that works but the 'Father' within me."

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