Cures for Social Anxiety

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Social Anxiety is a terrible problem for many people.  Those who have social anxiety have a real hard time going out into public places where a lot of people are. Some even can’t go to a friend’s house if strangers are there. There are a couple things you can do to help cure your social anxiety.

Ease into it

Depending on how socially anxious you are,Guest Posting this method may take some getting use to. Start by going out into public with someone you are close to. Do not go into crowded areas right away, as this can be very intimidating if you are not ready. Start small with something like going out to eat. While at a restaurant allow yourself to walk to the restroom on your own. When you are comfortable doing little things like that, you can jump to the next level and try going places with bigger groups of people.  Just like all the cures for social anxiety, this method will take some time but as you get more and more comfortable doing things it will get easier and easier. At some point you will find that you can venture out on your own and still feel somewhat safe.

Take safety with you

One of the other cures for social anxiety is taking a safety item with you. Find something that is yours personally and take it out with you when you have to go into a public place. This item could be an article of clothing, like a hoodie or jacket, or it could be a knickknack even. Anything that reminds you of your safe place will work. Any time you start feeling anxious in public, hold onto the item or put it on to give you a level of comfort again. Eventually you will find that you need the safety item less and less.

Medicine can help

There is only so much you can do on your own. If your social phobia is too great that the techniques do not help you at all, it may be time to consider medication. Medication may sound like a horrible solution to your problem, but in all reality it is sometimes the best cure for social anxiety. Do not be ashamed if it has to come to that. Simply embrace it and feel better.

The cures for social anxiety will take time to work, but in time you will feel a lot better, even if it comes down to medication. Social anxiety is a real problem and those who suffer from it should know that they do not need to feel badly about themselves. There are a lot of people out there like you.

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