Identity- A Unique Design

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Genetic heritage is a gift from our ancestors. We are each unique in our own way. Our DNA generate our unique design. Identify your indentity!

The dictionary states that identity is the set of characteristics that somebody recognizes as

belonging uniquely to himself or herself,Guest Posting and constituting his or her individual personality for

life. To me it also means information that is used to show what a person is. There are three

classifications that characterize some people’s identities: race, gender, and religion.

Race is what makes a person who they are down to the very bones of the body. Many

people don’t know their nationality, and hate their race. I’m a Kemetian American Moor of the Igbo tribe, but many African Americans don’t like their creed. What they don’t know is life started in Africa! Blacks are indigenous to the planet Earth according to the National Geographic, and many archeologists. The other races came later from biological genetic mutations in the DNA of black Africans who migrated to cooler areas. Racism exists, because people who are alike don’t get along. Humans are all somewhat genetically connected; scientifically opposites attract, and things that are alike repel. Magnetically this is the rule of attraction. The human body has a magnetic North, and South Pole just like the planet Earth. Race is very important to me in a positive way not like the woman in the essay “Hypocrisy” who used race as a way to hurt people.

This discrimination is still practiced to this very day.

Gender is a world conflict between male, and female about who is superior to the other.

The female cell is older than the male. The male chromosome is xy, but that y is a mutation of

the female X chromosome. The X chromosome is the genetic design of the female, but the male is a hybrid of the female. The male body has what the female body has except the penis is longer than the female penis called the clitoris. This difference is also, because of the female hormone estrogen, and the male hormone testosterone. The estrogen levels in men are lower, and the testosterone levels are higher. Men use gender as an excuse to rule over women, but they are supposed to protect them. I’m proud to be a man but I also give praise to the mother; the women are connected to mother Earth. The male role in life is to protect his family, populate the planet, and make peace in the world.

Religion is a tool used to connect oneself to a higher power. The Martin Luther conflict

started with the Anglican Church of England, which was Catholic. Denominations of different

faiths started with Martin Luther a priest of the Catholic Church, but he had a conflict of what the church preached. He believed that the Bible was the superior holy recording, and the men had a direct connection to God. Religion is what fuels war because of conflict of interest. I myself believe that all religions stem from one source Egypt, but the words of men, our language, make war or conflict. The highest universal creator is ruler no matter what religion. I was raised at the beginning as a Hebrew Israelite; my main studies started out to be Bible related. We practiced all the Old Testament’s traditions, and laws that were required in the Israelite faith. As time progressed we began to learn more in detail about Biblical doctrine by translating from the original language that the Bible was recorded in. I have studied all three of the monotheistic religions, which helped me understand why the information was hidden from the average person. I progressed further, and began to educate myself in the higher mysteries, which lead me to

mysteries of God. By my experience, and education. I learned the value of my race, gender, and religion. These great identities should bring grace, and importance to men and women. Instead they bring wars, indifference, and hate. I promise myself to teach my son the importance of these identities, and I hope the world will be a better place to live in when he becomes an adult. No matter what the agony, pain, or embarrassment. I fight to be what I’am today: a better man. The children are the future, and we are the developers of the present. So let’s make a change!

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