Freedom Through Forgiveness

Jan 31


Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amethyst Wyldfyre

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Forgiveness is such a misunderstood term and subject. For many who have been traumatized, hurt, injured emotionally, mentally or physically the idea o...


Forgiveness is such a misunderstood term and subject. For many who have been traumatized,Freedom Through Forgiveness  Articles hurt, injured emotionally, mentally or physically the idea of forgiveness is difficult to grasp especially in the initial moments of the wounding. The most important idea that I wish to convey here is that forgiveness has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other person or their actions or behaviors. Forgiveness doesn't condone violence, bad behavior or abuse. Nor does it absolve the perpetrator from responsibility for his or her actions. Forgiveness is about releasing the story, the pain, the drama and the trauma from your world. Forgiveness is all about you!

When we are wounded, the wounding can take place on a multitude of levels. Sometimes the wound is obvious - a black eye, a bloody nose, a fat lip, a broken leg, often times though the wounds are not so visible, emotional blackmail, a broken heart, a constant stream of negative actions or belittling words, that permeate the emotional and mental bodies. In all cases the wounds show up in the energetic field.

The luminous energy field stores all wounds from this life and from all of our previous lives. In this field the energy of the experience lives and continues to draw to us additional experiences that "irritate" or "activate" the wound until it has finally been brought to the surface of the soul and released. This is why we often find ourselves living the same dynamics over and over again with different faces and different "sets" of circumstances by the same story. The only way out of this triangle of trauma is through - Through the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is about releasing at every level all of the stored energy around the experience of the wounding. So what does that mean? Well when we release or let go of the wound at the spiritual or essential level there is a cascading or domino effect in all aspects of our lives. We begin to think more clearly, we begin to feel freer, we experience health and wholeness in the mind, the body and the spirit.

How do I get this release you might ask? There are many modalities of energy healing that will help you to "get at" these issues at the deepest levels. Some, like body work, work to clear things at the cellular level include massage, cranio sacral therapy, myo facial release, Unlimited Body, Thai Yoga Massage and others that you can investigate to see what works for you. Other methods include hands on energy work like reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, IET, Quantum Touch, Laying on of Hands, Sound Healing and more. Spiritual psychology, bi-lateral stimulation, bio-feedback, EMDR psycho drama, past life regression, hypnotherapy and other modalities can assist in clearing the mind as well as the neurobiological system.

The most effective method I have found for myself has been a combination of modalities with the deepest and most profound being Shamanic Medicine Work. Shamanic work in the Peruvian tradition includes Illumination which is a clearing of the chakras and filling them with light, Extraction which is the removal of crystallized energies and entities, and Soul Retrieval work where contracts that have been made at the soul level can be re-written and lost soul parts and quantum packets of energy are brought back to the Light Body for integration and a return to the path of destiny. One of the many benefits of Light Body work or Shamanic Medicine work is the ability to dispense entirely with engaging in the "Story" of the wound, whether from a past or a present life or both. The work is so profound because it works at the essential or soul matrix level.

The most beautiful of the gifts that we receive when we engage in this deep inner work of bringing to the surface that which we need to release is the incredible sense of freedom and lightness that comes from the process of forgiveness. We can journey through our remaining days unshackled to old wounds and past hurts, and we can use our prodigious life force energy instead to create beauty, peace, harmony and joy for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. Find the path to forgiveness today - you'll be glad that you did.