Giving Thanks With A Purpose

Jan 1


Nelson Tan

Nelson Tan

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Learn how giving thanks prevents us from making risky decisions and helps us to make more focused progress in life.

I know Thanksgiving Day is a US-centric holiday and I even had to do a Google search to find out which day it actually falls on. Sounds kinda ignorant of me,Giving Thanks With A Purpose Articles like "which day should I start giving thanks huh?"

I suppose Thanksgiving should not be a day, but an everyday attitude of gratitude. The self-development coaches and trainers may say we give thanks for every little thing that sustains our lives (and dreams and hopes), but most did not explicitly say to give thanks for what purpose. "They tell me to give thanks to God. I give thanks. Now what?" I actually once found myself questioning this.

Well, here is my personal answer/opinion: We give thanks so as not to take further risk.

Whatever things that come blessed unto us, they are results arising from our actions and productivity. We can give thanks by remaining consistent and congruent with how we do routines while finding ways to IMPROVE upon them (like stepping stones), not always finding NEW ways to do things as if starting from scratch. A person can only have so many starting points in life, so say a speaker. If we missed that one crucial starting or turning point, you're going to wait quite a while for another milestone. By then we have grown older and may be perceived as a "late bloomer". But by remaining consistent, you're solidifying your position to usher the next foreseeable milestone closer to your destiny.

Blessings almost always come by God THROUGH the people around us, who give us chances and opportunities for expansion. So they are the ones who can see whether we are consistent or not.

So next time, if you don't know who or what to give thanks to, at least give thanks to yourself as a reminder not to take any more unnecessary risk, and remain focused on building up that very first foundation you so aspired to. Do you still remember what it was?

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