Going The Extra Mile

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Do you know people who just won't stop ... until they're ... it's ... you see people getting great results for ... doing the same as everyone ... article is about the p

Do you know people who just won't stop something until they're convinced it's complete?

Do you see people getting great results for seemingly doing the same as everyone else?

This article is about the power of Going The Extra Mile.

If you're an Internet Marketer then this could be important for you,Guest Posting for anyone else it should be a fundamental way of life as well.

I believe that our lives are a little bit like a computer game: We start off with all of the variables and parameters available to us with unlimited possible paths and outcomes. As our lives progress, we make decisions and pick up tools along the way. Those same circumstances are there for other people too, but somehow each person makes different choices and takes a different path, ultimately leading to different end results.

If you've been involved in any online projects, or even just been part of a couple of Joint Ventures, you'll see that (just as in a computer game), the people that approach things with the complete game in mind, do a lot of little extra things with miraculously seem to make a lot of difference. They make sure they've considered all of the options before moving forward, but they understand the need for urgency in order to finish within time limits. They look for all of the possible opportunities before leaving an area of consideration.

These people go the extra mile to ensure that they don't get near the end of their game and realise they missed something vital along the way. These people go the extra mile to do all the little things that only make a small difference at the time but combine to make a huge difference in the long run.

For example, if you've been running a website(s) for any length of time and have had visitors come and go without giving them an opportunity to let you contact them with updated information and offers (using an ezine, or autoresponder) - You probably know that you're leaving money on the table and not going the extra mile to give those people the benefit of what you're offering.
An email facility (sequential autoresponder) is one of the most effective marketing tools available currently (despite its reduced effect due to Spam), yet there are thousands of webmasters who didn't implement this when they created their site, and have lost money because of it.

If you've created a fairly large site yourself and then wanted to add an extra button/option to a menu, only to realise that you now have to change that on 200 pages - all because you didn't implement a way to do this automatically (like using Server Side Includes (SSI)) when you started the site, you'll see why it makes sense to go the extra mile out of habit, rather than necessity.

This habit of going the extra mile applies to everything you do.

I believe that we all have the ability to connect with a greater source than ourselves, and that in order to create true success for ourselves we need to adopt the habit of doing things for other people. When we give our effort/time/money, we're putting ourselves in line for more of the same to return to us. When we go above and beyond the normal, we're exposing that 'extra' part of ourselves to the universal flow which will reward us back tenfold. The return may not come from the person/people who received your value, but it WILL return.

The value you get in return for your work comes in many forms, you automatically increase your experience of any activity you undertake and thereby benefit immediately for any work you do.
If your extra effort is in devoting your time to self-improvement or study, this will make you more able to face the world with an effective mindset, or give you qualifications that people will pay well for.

If you adopt the habit of going the extra mile, your rewards are multiple and varied. Anyone can use the power of going the extra mile, whether you're in a 9-5 job and you stay to finish your work before you leave (rather than jumping and running out at 5pm because it's That time), or whether you spend your evenings educating yourself, or working a second job - you will be rewarded for your efforts.

For Internet Marketers, going the extra mile can apply to everything you do, especially when working with or helping other online marketers and people starting out.

I've found this principle powerful in both personal and business environments, so I urge you to use it for your own success.


Andy Henry

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