How to Pick your Jewellery?

Jun 2


Kiran Gautam

Kiran Gautam

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Picking jewellery is hardly an issue, shops are flooded with jewellery as much as online portals are. Picking the right kind of jewellery is what makes the task a challenging one.


Following tips can make your decision making a little easier and better:


Determine your Fashion Statement

You need to first ascertain what kind of a fashion statement you want to make. Do you want your jewellery to compliment your outfit,How to Pick your Jewellery? Articles or you want it to be subtle of you want it to be the most outstanding piece that you wear.


Determine how long you want your jewellery to last

Diamonds, gold and platinum last forever. So go for these if you want to spend a little more and have it for your lifetime. If you go for Silver and Pearls, their elegance is lost in some years, but don’t hurt your pocket with their affordability. Hence making a decision as to how long you want them for makes a base for your decision to buy some good piece of jewellery.


Know your Budget

Again, you budget determines what kind of jewellery you can afford. With little higher budgets you can go for gold platinum and diamonds, they not only last forever, but also give you a class experience. However, more trendy designs are available in Silver and other metals that give you a jazzy look.


Know your Gemstones

If you are into astrology and stuff, you can first check out, which gemstone would suit you? Accordingly you can go for good jewellery. Since not all gemstones suit all (only if you believe in it) it’s always better to know it before hand and plan your shopping accordingly.


Know Your Outfit

The kind of jewellery you need depends largely upon the kind of outfit you want to wear.

Diamonds are something that go well with all kinds of dresses. Be it a saree or a western outfit or even casuals, diamonds go well with all. If you want a more traditional look, you can go for go along with a traditional Indian outfit. If your outfit is trendy you can go for sterling silver or steel jewellery. Steel works especially well if you want to go for an urbane and ruggedly stylish look. Its affordability makes it very versatile. An extremely wide range of designs and styles are available in sterling silver. Even steel is coming up well with fashionistas who love the rough look. Platinum gives an elegant and stylish air to any subtle Indian dress. It goes well with a designer saree or a Punjabi suit.


Know How Much Jewellery you should wear

Now, this is a tricky thing to decide, but it all depends what kind of a look you want to carry. If you want a subtle look, you can go for minimal jewelry. Say if you are wearing a saree, you can go for a thin necklace and some simple earrings. If you like chunkier earrings, let them be the sole jewellery piece on you and drop the idea of a necklace. If you want your jewellery to be outstanding, you can go for some good gold necklace or tanmaniya. Gold bangles with stones can enhance that rich and traditional look. If you want a casual and jazzy look go for chunky chains with jazzy pendants and heavy metal bracelets. Avoid chunky earrings, rather go for no or small ones, as earrings give more traditional look than trendy.


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