How To Start Tarot Reading: Few Steps To Help Beginners

Aug 17


Manuez Marbo

Manuez Marbo

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To learn something everybody has to start no matter a good or a bad a start. You can learn anything with the passage of time. Similarly to start reading tarot cards a person has to start somewhere. For beginners the tarot card reading can be both interesting and frustrating. This is due the fact that the tarot card reading not only involves the literal meaning of the cards to make predictions but at the same time it also requires some of the intuitive and spiritual powers of the person to extract what the tarot cards are trying to say.


The first and the foremost thing that is needed is choosing the right deck of tarot cards. There are so many decks of cards available in the market that we have got lot of options. We should select the cards we like on the basis of the type of artwork present on them or may be on the basis of colors of our choice,How To Start Tarot Reading: Few Steps To Help Beginners Articles feel them and if they suit us we can buy them. The only thing that is needed that the deck of cards chosen should resonate with us.

It is often said that before getting started to read tarot cards the person should feel relaxed and calm. This thing is most important because what we are thinking will emit energies that will interfere with the tarot reading and can provide us with different results. For example if we are expecting something to come out of the problem and then we are consulting tarot cards naturally it will affect the reading and totally miss the wisdom the tarot cards are offering to us. If we are not getting the good reading then there is no meaning of consulting the tarot cards.

For a beginner it is really difficult to know literal meanings of each and every card but he should the general rules and regulations of reading tarot cards. We know that the tarot cards consist of the major arcana and the minor aracna cards. The beginner should know that the message given by the major arcana cards is generally considered more powerful than the minor arcana cards. He should also know that predictions are never made on the basis of the meanings of one card we should draw conclusions from the coupled effect of two or more cards.

The beginner may or may not be having the innate qualities of intuition because everybody is not gifted. But we should not get demoralized because the ability can be built within ourselves with the practice and little hard work over a period of time. With practice you will be able to know that asking questions about the particular topic the cards will spread like that and this is the possible prediction. We should start to feel our tarot deck what it is trying to convey, how it is going to react in situations. This can only be possible if our tarot deck has started resonating with our energies.

The tarot can be used for getting snapshot of a situation. But the person should make sure that the question that is to be asked should be very simple and should not be confusing in any respect. It is also generally recommended that the when a beginner has started the profession and has started giving readings he should keep track of the different situations and the patterns that are repeatedly arising again and again.

Also the person before getting started to use cards for divination and psychic readings he should make sure that he is well aware of the literal meaning of cards. Because if a person goes further in tarot card reading he will be definitely get discouraged or even frustrated by the complications he will face. There is no need to go in that much detail until the base of the person is not strong. If a beginner keeps all these things in his mind and will start the tarot reading he will definitely achieve success in this field.

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