Learn How to Set Goals You Can Reach

Jan 14


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Learning how to set goals that you can actually accomplish is an important skill for either personal or professional use.
A hidden danger for many is continually falling short of their goals and objectives conditioning them to think they will never succeed.
Learn how to easily overcome any negative past experiences you may have had pursuing your goals to regain that 'can do' attitude.


Learning how to set goals that are NOT out of your reach is normally only half the battle. Having the determination and never giving up till your goals are met is the other more difficult half which will test your perseverance. Many times the goals and objectives that we establish for ourselves are whimsical insofar as they are not well thought out or planned for. The result invariably is a failure to achieve them which then leads to feelings of frustration and even worse resignation.

Setting goals is very admirable however carelessly establishing your goals will set you up for failure almost every time. The danger in this is that the more you fall short of any goals and objectives you may have the more 'conditioned' your mind will become to failure. Therefore it is ALWAYS wise to carefully choose what your objectives are to be and then set your strategy BEFORE you take action.

Here is a simple 5 step strategy to use for establishing and accomplishing your goals and objectives in order to maximize your chances of success!

Be Realistic

Any goals you may have need to be realistic and not some 'pie in the sky' notion you have developed on a whim. You absolutely must possess the skill sets to accomplish these goals and only your honest and objective evaluation can determine this.

Write Down Your Objectives

Writing objectives down is a major first step towards establishing what it is you are 'setting your sights' on to achieve. By writing objectives down you are documenting what it is you plan to accomplish and it will serve as a constant reminder to you. By 'documenting' your 'intentions' you now also have a blueprint from which you can work to develop a plan of action.

Develop a Plan

Knowing what it is you want to accomplish you first need to determine those steps necessary to reach your intended goals. Some plans may be more extensive then others depending upon the objectives themselves. Along these same lines the length of time necessary to complete the action plan will be determined by the type of goals that have been set.

Share Your Goals

By sharing your goals with family and friends you are only strengthening your own commitment towards reaching them. If others know what your intentions are this will serve to further motivate you to continue on until all goals are met. Additionally you may benefit from any comments,Learn How to Set Goals You Can Reach Articles suggestions, feedback or input others may offer. The benefits could be in the form of encouragement or perhaps an improvement upon your existing plan.

Be Adaptable

It is highly possible and sometimes probable that you will need to make adjustments along the way. It is quite common to be presented with situations or obstacles you had not planned on and you will need to call upon your own perseverance to make the adjustments and continue on. There may even be set backs that will discourage and frustrate you but if your commitment is strong enough these will only be temporary. By maintaining your focus and never giving up these unplanned for interruptions will only seem minor.

Learning how to set goals and objectives that are within your reach is a wise first step that many overlook due to being 'overly' ambitious. Although there is nothing wrong with ambition it must be properly directed or else it could lead towards inaccurate thinking and ultimately failure. By following the simple 5 step strategy discussed here today the goals you select and the plans you develop will likely help to establish a pattern of success for you. The more you succeed the less you will feel that failure, at least for you, is not a likely outcome. At this point you have now empowered yourself with the mindset that nothing is out of your reach and to expect success instead of hoping for it.

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