Libra 5 - sabian astrology in 7 words

Aug 22




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Man Teaching True Inner Knowledge is the Sabian Symbol for the 5th degree of Libra. Here it is described using the 7 Words System - a way of understanding the complexity of human interactions that can be applied to all aspects of self-awareness and relationship, so that you quickly change your perspectives and get to a deep sense of what to do to improve things.

Did it ever cross your mind that your sun sign,Libra 5 - sabian astrology in 7 words Articles while it may say quite a lot, cannot really characterize you exactly? At least not in a spine-tingling kind of way so that all of life will take on a different meaning. You may be interested to check out these Sabian Symbols – they could well compel you to adjust your attitude! The Sabian approach really is quite unique.

Well you may be interested in what are these symbols are? The Sabian Symbols are 360 images – one for each degree of the zodiac – that were clairvoyantly revealed by a mystic, Elsie Wheeler, and unravelled by an American astrologer, Dr Marc Edmund Jones. Each one presents a suggestion about the focal point of meaning of that degree, which usually can reveal some very useful and provoking perceptions for you.

It works even if it’s not your particular degree – and yet a lot better if it is. It’s best to allow yourself time to do it slowly, like a meditation. Let each of the short paragraphs sink in slowly and try to feel what it means, as well as using the mind…or just sit with the images for a while and use your power of imagination to create some playful stories around it. (You will find your own Sabian Symbol by following the link below)

Having come to some new realizations about the essence of who you are, there is another stage you can adopt – to decide to be different. You can influence a lot more of your circumstances than you usually do when you engage fully with the deepest part of your unique identity, by taking on the qualities indicated by your Sabian symbol.

Also if you are clearer about who you are, then you become a lot more certain about what you want out of life. You can set your goals according to an overall vision of the bigger picture, and that itself leads to a much greater chance of success. It helps with focus so that you keep your attention fixed on the required outcome.

Reading your own Sabian Symbol is a bit like getting a brother or sister to speak honestly about you. They know you well, with all your dark bits and your light, and although they love you, they’ll tell you the hard truth! It can be difficult to hear, yet useful for those who are trying to become better people. It may be necessary to reread it a few times and think deeply about what is actually being said.

There is so much we could do with our lives! Opportunities are endless and very diverse, each day bringing little clues and teases to nudge us toward a little more unfolding of potential. Saying No to this and Yes to that surely requires us to trust our feelings and surrender to the inevitable – that, come what may, we all end up being who we are: nothing more, nothing less.

Qualities lie dormant in a person until they are claimed, expressed and recognised by another; in some cases it is the recognition that comes first. So, one who can see the potential in another, who can understand and name it, demonstrates a degree of creative genius in co-creating these otherwise defunct potentialities.

Having new qualities recognised allows a person the opportunity to reach out more into the world of everyday experience and participate more fully with an expanded repertoire of personality and behaviours.

It takes a real, deep and sensitive affinity with another not only to recognise hidden potentials but also to welcome them, and by so doing sponsor them. This can give the other the necessary confidence that leads to success.

If we are to be true to ourselves, we must be true to others also, and this means having an optimistic supportive attitude to the ultimate potential that we perceive within all who come to us, and to orient ourselves to the highest within them.

It is this ability possessed by true teachers that identifies them as such. It is not the ability to show knowledge of form that makes one a teacher; it is the ability to recognise and so awaken another's potential. This skill and attitude demonstrates true inner knowledge.

One with this ability will need to be careful not to lose focus and simply demonstrate their own skill and insights. The prideful use of them is a subtle form of manipulation that is often used in order to dominate and control.

However, if the inspiration is true and clear, then it cannot be threatened by ego pursuits, since all expressions of pure spirit result in unsullied outcomes.