Life Success Strategies - Plant What You Want to Grow!

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Ask yourself, what are you planting in your life? What are the seeds you wish to sprout, grow, thrive, and multiply?

I suggest you liberally plant positive and affirming seeds in your life every day. Start by writing a positive affirmation to yourself daily (just in case the world forgets to affirm you). Read and listen to positive and inspirational material. Visualize yourself in the desired positive mode you want for yourself.

Go ahead,Guest Posting overload yourself with positive seeds. Don't worry, you won't overdose on goodness. However, as your seeds sprout and grow, you'll also need to be on the lookout for weeds.

When you choose to live your life on purpose and according to your purpose, you live your life deliberately. You plant the seeds you want to harvest.

Sometimes, though, outer influences may intrude and challenge your values and priorities and threaten to lead you away from your true sense of self. These outer influences (the weeds) are startling because they just come in on their own, and they grow like wildfire if you don't pull them out as soon as you see them.

They'll show up where and when you least expect them and in many different forms. Be aware of the particular weeds to which you may be susceptible, and by doing regular weeding, you can keep your garden free of the energy-drainers, emotional-vampires, and dream-robbers that diminish the quality of your life.

Here are some good questions to ponder:

What weeds (people, places, situations and/or things) drain my energy, that try to suck the life out of me, leave me in a bad mood, or pull me off my life path and prevent me from living my life purpose?

What weeds overcome my seeds and don't allow me to enjoy my garden?

So, I encourage you to plan your garden carefully. Choose all the wonderful results and outcomes you want in your life, and then plant the seeds that will bring those goals closer to you.

Once the seeds have been planted, take very good care of them and nurture them. Keep them watered and fertilized with more affirmations and congruent actions, and weed out any intrusion which isn't there to help you grow.

Do all of this - tend your life-garden well, and with love and self-love - and you will reap a bountiful harvest of things even more wonderful than you planned.

Here are some tips for creating your rich and abundant life garden:

Surround yourself, as much as you can and as often as you can, with the people, environments and activities which will accept, support, and encourage your values, vision, purpose and priorities.

Live by your integrity, and allow yourself to be true to YOU first and foremost.

Know what it is you truly have to have in you life. Know your apples - your deal-makers.

Know what it is you absolutely will not tolerate in your life - your deal-breakers.

Learn to accept what is tolerable in your life. Don't try to change what can't be changed.

Know your integrity indicators and readjust your course as needed.

Weed your garden of all which is not working to support your life.

Choose to plant only that which is going to beautify you and your life in your garden.

And I can't stress this enough, so always remember: Never, never, never, never, never settle...never!!

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