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You can actually push the envelope a bit more in your life by practicing good deeds for no seemingly special or specific reason.

One very powerful action and attitude you can embrace is the practice of random acts of kindness while also creating the pay-it-forward system of living. Random acts of kindness are just that: They're random,Guest Posting and they're kind.

When you give out of your pure desire to give and you expect nothing in return, AND you do this only to benefit others, then you're practicing random acts of kindness. Think about the energy you're sowing: Love, acceptance, care, support, and generosity. These are all very powerful seeds to be planting in the garden of your life.

And although you do this without any expectation of return (in fact, you do it just for the sake of doing it, which in itself is a precious gift), the truth is these acts will benefit you in countless ways. I've never met anyone, given the choice to do anything they wanted to do, who wouldn't want to give merely for the purpose of helping humankind in some way.

Pay-it-forward comes from the movie of the same title. It was a system dreamed up by a very wise, very young man who proposed, as part of a homework assignment, if we each did something positive for three other people and asked them to do the same for three other people, in a very short time everyone in the world would be positively affected.

It's easy to pay back people when they've done you a favor. But this system is about doing someone a favor, then asking them to return it by doing one for someone else. Again, you're planting the seeds of lush abundance and prosperity by practicing random acts of kindness and by adopting a pay-it-forward attitude.

What can random act of kindness can you pay forward today? Get started and plant those seeds today that will provide you with a fruitful harvest tomorrow.

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