Taking Care of your Inner Self

May 12


Beth McCain

Beth McCain

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It is just as important to take care of the 'inner' you as well as you take care of the physical you. Here are some thoughts on how to take care of the 'real' you.


I remember the days when I was always trying to catch up,Taking Care of your Inner Self Articles constantly feeling as if I was always chasing down my dreams and my life.   Time seemed to get away and I felt like I never had enough time to get it all done.  This was before I found the knowledge of what life really is about, and when I finally did, things began to change.

You see, all the rushing around and trying to get it all done was attracting more of the same; the ever vigilant Law of Attraction was in motion as it always is.  I just wasn't aware of it yet.  When I became tired of the rat race and listening to others' opinions of what my life should be, I went searching for the real answers.  I knew there was more to life than working at a job I didn't want to be at, and a life full of chasing. 

Over many years, finding and studying what I felt was my truth, I began to see that even though we are physical beings we are also a spiritual being and it was important to pay just as much attention to the inner me as I gave physical outer me.   When we're told to take care of ourselves we tend to focus on activities like exercise and eating right without giving a second thought to our inner selves.  We take for granted that we breathe in and breathe out without even thinking that maybe the inner self has functional requirements, too. Your physical being would not exist without that inner self that keeps in mind the journey you agreed to take before coming to this physical world.   It keeps you focused on what you wanted to experience and grow through here on Earth. 

How it all comes about fits into the sphere of free will but the inner self has everything to do with what you do here.  Your inner self should be taken care of at least as well as you take care of your physical body.  Your inner self needs nourishment or you are liable to become an unbalanced being which gives you a distinct disadvantage in creating the life you want through the Law of Attraction. 

So how do you feed your soul?  Many people feed it through religion and prayer and others through inspiration.  Many feed it through watching a wonderful movie, listening to music, or reading a great book. However you feed it is up to you. How you feed your spirit should feel joyful and refreshed after.  If you don't, if how you feed your soul leaves you with feelings of doubt or fear, then you need to develop another way. Meditation is a positive way to connect to the inner you, as well as visualization. 

This places you in a zone where anything is possible; and, you are then working with your logical mind as well as the spirit mind in order to manifest your wants.  It gives you a chance to step away from the current reality and instead create the reality you truly desire as long as you are passionate about what you focus on.

By feeding all aspects of yourself you will find that life will become more balanced, less hectic, and you will feel like you are moving forward instead of standing still.  You will find that fear and doubt leave your life as you connect with your inner you.

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