Online Dating - Is It Still Just For Geeks?

Sep 30


Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

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We see TV commercials and get emails all the time about online dating. But, what exactly is involved in online dating and who does that sort of thing? Is it something I would want to do? Is it just computer geeks meeting other computer geeks? What are some of the things I need to be aware of before trying online dating?


In this article,Online Dating - Is It Still Just For Geeks? Articles I will try to answer some of those questions for you. I'm not promoting a particular online dating service or even online dating in general. However, I do believe people want to know a little more about what online dating is and what they need to be aware of and beware of if they choose to participate in online dating.

One of the things people need to consider, whether they meet someone in a chatroom, a forum, or in an online dating website, is that a person's personality online in most cases does not equal that of their personality when you meet them in person. They may be very shy online, but not in person, and vice versa, which is the more likely of the two.

People tend to be more blunt, outgoing, and talkative online because of several reasons. Online they have a buffer zone between themselves and you. Sometimes that makes them feel more comfortable than they would be if you were sitting in front of them. People also tend to be braver online than offline for the same reasons.

One thing to beware of is that people also tend to lie more online than they could get away with in person. They can tell you they look like Tom Cruise or Jessica Simpson. And that's just the guys. They may even use someone else's picture in place of their own.

Before meeting anyone in person that you met on the Internet or at an Online Dating Service, you need to know all you can about them. Especially for you girls and women who are out there looking to use an online dating service.

Unfortunately, there are men out there who will take advantage of you and even those that might cause you harm. If you plan on meeting a man or boy in person, you need to let several of your friends know where you are going to meet him, who he is, and as much information you can give them. If you can take a friend with you, that's even better. Always meet in a very public place and don't go anywhere to be alone with them until you know a lot more about them.

Remember, you may have liked their online personality, but in person you may not like them at all. That does not only have to do with the way they look. It may be about their personality. However, if they do not look like or are not the same person in the pictures they sent you, leave immediately. They have already started off by lying to you, so it is not going to get better from there.

I don't want to scare anyone off, because online dating can be a great way to meet people and start dating. You may even find your true love. I just want you to be cautious.

Many people have even married the person they met through online dating websites. It can be a great experience as long as you go in with both eyes open and realize you will meet all types, just as you do in everyday life.

There was a time when online dating was considered to be for geeks who couldn't get a date anywhere else. That hasn't been true for a long time if it ever was. Now many professional men and women use online dating as a way to meet new people because the demands on them from their professions require so much of their time that it leaves little time for socializing.

Others are just shy. They pass up opportunities to get to know people out there who might be Mr. or Mrs. Right because they never seem to make their move before the opportunity is lost. Online, they don't have that same problem. So for someone who is shy, online dating can be a great way for them to meet people.

With many online dating services they do their best to make sure you are chatting with people who have similar interests. That helps break the ice, but don't only try to meet people with similar interests. Remember the old saying, "Opposites Attract." Don't assume that because both of you like many different things that it cannot possibly work out. I'll bet you know couples who seem to be two opposite people but still make one great couple.

As with any service you might pay for online, making sure you are dealing with a legitimate company is very important. Many online dating services are out for the money and will continue trying to sell you more and more products. Signing up with them is like agreeing to accept all the spam mail they can generate to you.

There are legitimate online dating websites that only wish to provide a good service for a reasonable signup fee. Ask around online. Find a website other people you know recommend. If you cannot get advice on which one to join, search the Internet for complaints about those you are considering. Find out all you can about them, then make your choice.

I hope this article has helped you learn a little more about online dating. However, you will never know more about it unless you are willing to try it. You don't have to pick someone at an online dating service and meet them in person. Maybe you will just enjoy meeting them and communicating with them through the online dating service. Remember, you are in control.