Personal Development Guide Part 4: Now start growing!

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Personal Development can be confusing, stop wasting time. I made the mistakes so you don't have to. Cut short your development time with this article.

Note: This is part of a 4 part series to cut your personal development’s learning curve. The rest can be found at the Urban Monk website (

Step Four: Decide what you want to do and where you want to go.  

Now that you’ve cleaned the mud from the diamond that is you,Guest Posting it’s time to start shaping and polishing it.

-  List out everything you want. Be honest. Go crazy. Pretend you have no limits; that you have all the time and money you need. Pretend no-one will disapprove of you; everything you do will be applauded by your parents, spouse, and friends.

Don’t focus on the bad. For example, if you have a bad relationship, don’t state “I don’t want a bad relationship”. What you really want is a loving partner. The site will go more into this, but for now, realize that if you focus on the bad, that’s what you will get.

- Next, for each goal you want to achieve, list out all the steps you can take to achieve what you want. Brainstorm a few and list them for each goal you want to achieve.

- Also, next to each goal, write down everything that you believe are stopping you from achieving these goals. How can you overcome these obstacles? For example, if your objective is to find a boyfriend, and you believe that you are overweight and unfashionable; go out shopping with a trendy friend and join a gym. It’s that easy.

- While you are at it, list out all the things you like about yourself. Then add everything you have to offer that special person in your life. Then what you can offer in your job, and finally all you can offer the world!

Keep these lists somewhere close to you in your room and refer to it often. Add to it as much as you can. Develop your life so you can constantly add to these lists. This is just a small exercise to develop your self-esteem and make you focus on the good in you and your life instead of the bad.

- How about a list of what you are grateful for? Add to it daily, constantly. Whatever you are grateful for, you will get more of. And it will also train your mind to focus on the good instead of the bad.

By deciding what you want, and knowing that you can do it, you have begun to take responsibility for your life. As a result, right away your self-esteem and confidence will grow. Look around the rest of this site for help on achieving your goals, I aim to make this site quite comprehensive and there should be something in here to help you in any goal you have. But if there isn’t, there is no lack of information elsewhere.

Bookmark the Urban Monk site and return to it again and again. It will make a difference in your life and happiness.

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