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When diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, most people are unaware of what it is. Almost immediately, they want to know what medication might cure it.  Often, this disorder can be treated without medication but your health care advisor will talk to you about the condition.


If you are prescribed a drug by your doctor,Guest Posting then it's a patient's responsibility to find out everything about it, and the side effects too.  It can be  a good idea to try out appropriate samples first, from your doctor, before getting a full-length prescription.  Of course, your doctor may know the perfect medicine to give you already and you should follow their recommendation closely. 


A good portion of the time when told that they need to take a medication, or several, people with a social anxiety disorder want to go the cheapest way, and use generic drugs or a short treatment.  Some sufferers also try home or herbal remedies, even before getting a doctor's prescription.  Do ask your doctor before trying herbal remedies over prescription medicine because some work and some don't.  Your doctor will tell you if the herbal medicine can be as effective as a prescribed one, or not. Herbal supplements may be non-habit forming and that can be a bonus.


One brand of natural medicine for social anxiety is Seredyn.  It's a long lasting and fast acting one, and if your doctor says it's okay to take it then you can try it for social anxiety.  After a single dose, some people have noticed immediate relaxation and a sense of calm.  It's not habit forming as well so when the time comes to stop taking it, there should be no problems with withdrawal.   


A well known prescription medicine for social anxiety is Zoloft.  It's been in use for social anxiety for over 15 years.  It's tolerated well by most patients as also works well for depression.  both disorders are often paired with each other.  Zoloft is also used for treatment of OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder.  Other conditions where Zoloft is used are panic disorder, PTSD, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. 


Zoloft is used to correct any chemical imbalance in your brain.  This could be contributing to social anxiety.  Doses do vary so your doctor will explain.  It can take a few weeks for you to get relief from your symptoms, after starting Zoloft.  Never suddenly stop medication before talking with your doctor, and keep to the prescribed dose. 


PureCalm is another of the natural medicines you can take to help sure your social anxiety.  It's

a non-addictive herbal medicine that both children and adults can use.  Inner calmness is promoted and health feelings are brought forward.  Everyone has a right to feel happy and well and your doctor can help you through the next phases of getting better, and recovery from your social anxiety disorder. 


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