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Taking care of your heart is more than eating right and exercising. It involves being aware of your feelings and what you truly desire and want to manifest. The first step is loving yourself enough to be free of judgment or victim hood.

It was a beautiful cool,Guest Posting blue sky morning and excitement and energy filled the air, as I joined my husband in the Heart Walk. Along the 3 mile route, there were strategically placed signs providing information on having a healthy heart: exercise, eat a low fat/low cholesterol diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding stress.

As I listened to the participants read the heart “Burma shave” signs,  it struck me that the outward signs of heart disease/heart attacks has its roots in something deeper and not visible on the outside until it becomes too much. I’m talking about the perceptive heart. You’ve heard the sayings “heavy heart”, taking things to heart”, she wears her heart on her sleeve, she has a big heart etc. According to Stephen Buhner in his article ‘The Heart as an Organ of Perception’ in Spirituality and Health (April 2006)”, The heart can act as a “mind” or an organ of perception because approximately 60 percent of heart cells are neural cells, which function similarly to those in the brain.” Also “The fully online heart can produce an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 times stronger that the brain’s, that can be detected by sensitive instruments up to 10 feet away”.

Your hearts are highly tuned to the energetic and emotional world we live in and great care is needed to reinforce and feed our hearts a healthy emotional diet as well as a healthy food diet. In our society, emotional awareness and demonstrating deep emotions are usually frowned upon.

We may avoid sharing our opinion to not make waves or we won’t share how we really feel to a loved one until one day it erupts into an outburst. This not honouring your feelings or challenge in determining whose feelings you are feeling has a detrimental effect on your heart.  In your hand- the palm specifically - your heart line can tell the story and health of your heart. Clients are amazed when I may ask if there was heart ache in a certain point in their life. Matters of the heart have at their starting your ability to love yourself.

In her book, The Answer is Simple - Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, Sonia Choquette talks about the 4 hearts needed to connect with your Divine spirit and live a connected self-loving life: open heart, wise heart, clear heart and the courageous heart. All 4 hearts are required for healthy perceptive heart. This article will highlight the Clear Heart.

The Clear Heart means that you choose to step away from the drama and mist of “poor pitiful me” and live life without judgment, bias or lack of self-acceptance. When your heart is clear, you don’t take life personally.

So here are some heart health tips for a Clear Heart;

1. Avoid taking things personally. What a person does or doesn’t do isn’t about you.
2. Even though you can’t control others, you can always choose how you respond to them. Avoid being or playing the victim in your story; avoid being the martyr, the wronged one.

The Clear Heart allows your creativity to flow and connects you with divine inspiration. It takes you out of the chaos into choice. Your perspective becomes that of the observer allowing more peace and calm to reign.  With a Clear Heart your physical heart is less burdened or heavy permitting it to beat fully and beautifully.

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