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Jeffrey Benson

Jeffrey Benson

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“Develop One – And It Could Make You Very Rich”

You Haven't Decided Until You REALLY Decide.

"It is in your moment of decision that
your destiny is shaped"
- Anthony Robins.

Every success ever made or achieved has come about as a
result of a decision made at some point.

Making real decisions is a habit, which must be cultivated
if you want to succeed in life. Many people think that when
they wish for something they have made a decision. “Oh! I
wish I could stop smoking”, or “I want to stop smoking”.

This is an expression of wish. A wish has no power.
A decision is something that's fixed.
Something that may be termed as irrevocable.

Change Your Mind Set...And Start To Attract Riches...

If you want to accumulate wealth you must be ready to make a
real decision today. Change your old attitude. And adopt a
new one.

Everyday knowingly or unknowingly we make decisions that
control our life.

Take Control Of Your Life

The reasons why you may be poor today or why you are in the
position you are in now is because you have not decided to
change your situation for the better. You haven’t made the
move to change and stay with it.

If your situation cannot change you, you must change the
We constantly meet, read or hear about people who
against all odds have achieved success beyond their wildest

These people have become living examples of the power of
decision. They have decided that they have had enough.
They won’t tolerate anything but the best.

When you finally decide, you’ll almost immediately begin to
experience changes. Due to your mind being made up.

Create Your Own Burning Desire For Success...

When you make a real decision you draw a line. You burn
your ship and destroy every possibility of a retreat. You
leave yourself with no option but to succeed.

This kind of decision backed by a burning desire to succeed
gives you the power to do more and get the result you want.

A great man once took his army to a battle front against
their opponents who were more armed and stronger. After
crossing an ocean, the general of the army commanded that
their ship be burnt. The soldiers were all amazed
and wondered why they had to burn their ship. 'How would
they return after the battle' they asked their general.

The general in reply told them that they either win
or they would be destroyed in the battle. Since the
had no means of retreat they were left with no other option
than to win the battle. They won the battle because they
no way of retreat.

The only way to change your life is to make a real decision,
cut off all other possibilities other than the one you've
decided to make a reality.

Achieve Everything You Want To...

You can achieve anything you really want in life if you
are ready to make the decision to achieve them. Whatever
you desire is what you get. A desire for freedom brings
freedom. A desire for wealth brings wealth.

Ultimately, it’s our decision that determines our destiny
and not the conditions of our lives.

Financial independence, riches, professional positions and
desirable businesses are within the reach of every person
desires it. You must demand those things and expect them.

You must be aware that if you do not make up your mind to
change your life today, no one will change it for you. You
must be ready to change and bring that change into effect
by constantly practicing what you have decided for.
Be persistent.

When you make up your mind you attune yourself to tremendous
extra power.

Start today and you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to
Achieve. Nothing can stop you.

Cultivate The Habit To Reach Decisions Promptly

Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what
they want and generally get it. This is a common trait of
all leaders in every walk of life. They decide quickly
and firmly.

When you reach a decision, be slow to change it!
·Analysis of several million-dollar earners shows that
every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions
very promptly and changing these decisions very slowly,
if at all.

Those who fail do just the opposite. The have the habit of
reaching decisions very slowly and changing them very

Don't Be Influenced By Other People's Opinions

Opinions are a cheap commodity. People are ready to sell
their opinions to you if you allow them to do so. The
of people who fail to accumulate sufficient money for their
needs are generally easily influenced by opinions of others.
They let someone else do their thinking for them. This
won't lead you to success

Don't Allow Others To Make Your Decisions For You

You have a mind of your own. Use it productively
and reach your own decision. If you need any facts or
information from other people, gather this information
quietly without disclosing your real purpose.

Make Decisions Everyday

Focus and plan your day ahead and stick with your primary

The power of decision can be found in the life of Honda
Soichiro, the founder of the Honda Corporation that bears
his name. This man has demonstrated the power of decision
and we can all draw a great lesson from his life.

Despite all odds against him, he never allowed problems,
challenges or the twist of circumstances to get in his way.
He decided he must succeed and today his company is one of
the most successful in the world. Honda Corporation employs
over 100,000 people and outsells all other motor companies
in the U.S except Toyota. This is because Mr. Honda made
up his mind to succeed.

I encourage everyone to read other people's success stories.
You learn and gather inspirations and courage from those who
have succeeded already.

I have written a book called "When The Going Gets Tough"
where you’ll find the story of Honda Soichiro. In the book
you can learn the easy principles of wealth accumulation.
It will show you the steps so you can live life on your

To get a copy of this book go to:

Decide Now To Succeed

Decide today to improve your life. Don’t postpone anything
any longer.

If you REALLY DECIDE today you’ll find that the shortest
distance between two points is a straight line. Take the
straight line now.

Success does not come to you by chance. You must
systematically work towards it. You must plan life.
Lure it to yourself. Poverty needs no plan.

If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail.

Jeffrey Benson is the CEO of Self Help Solutions Centre, a full time
Internet Marketers and mail order guru. He is also the vendor of the
acclaimed website design book "65 Instant Web Design Answers". He has
just published a new book entitled "When The Going Gets Tough.
A self help book to guide you into greatness and show you what next
to do when the going really gets tough.

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