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I used to see a ... who handed out a little leaflet entitled “Dr. ... Guide to Success in ... It was very nice, had his picture on the front and was ... printed. On th

I used to see a chiropractor who handed out a little leaflet entitled “Dr. Hickman’s Guide to Success in Business.” It was very nice,Guest Posting had his picture on the front and was professionally printed. On the inside it said, “Get a job and go to work every morning.”

There is a secret to success, believe it or not, and I’m going to tell you what those people who are “successful” do, that people who are “not successful” do not do, either because they’re unwilling or because they don’t know it would make the difference.

Successful people do the things no one likes to do.

They do the “grunt work” of marketing and running their businesses. They stuff envelopes. They follow up with prospects. They do the research and find web sites willing to link to them. They do what no one else wants to do, and it pays off.

In my business, the things no one like to do include asking, “Would you like to hire me as your coach today?” and finding links to my web site.

What are the things no one wants to do in your business? How can you make yourself do those things even though they’re “yucky,” tedious, boring and obnoxious? What will the results be if you do those things? How will you know when you’re successful?

If you’d like help discovering the things you need to do (that no one likes to do) or how you’ll know when you’re successful, email me. I’m a life and business coach.

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