The Truth About Time Management At Work!

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This is the best time management at work tip you'll get for 2007! We tell you in this informative review.

Time management at work...have you got it mastered? If you are still complaining there are not enough hours in a day then we have a simple solution to your problem. In fact,Guest Posting it could be as easy as reading an activity statement after a few days. Few people realize being productive is not simply a matter of being busy; if you are not focussing on results then anything else you try may be a waste of time.

Activity Statements Could Be The Answer

When information is recorded in black and white, it usually doesn't lie. Time management at work can be hard to accomplish, whether you are self employed or working in a group environment.

There are so many distractions to overcome such as the telephone, speaking with work colleagues, checking email messages or going down the corridor to get a coffee and bumping into someone who's just returned from vacation. You know what I mean... "Hi Ron, how was your vacation? What did you do? Give me all the goss!" Before you know it, half an hour has passed an you are "behind the eight ball!"

Time activity statements are a sure fire way to account for wasted and unproductive time. They are especially handy for self employed people like those working a business from home. They are almost like a hired conscious on paper and if they cannot get you motivated to make some changes to the way you structure your time, then you have an uphill battle on your hands.

An activity statement is so simple in it's application they should become mandatory in most work environments. In fact, many companies are adopting similar methods with their employees to get a guage on effective use of work company time.

Simply, there is no standard issue activity statement you need to look for. You can draw one up yourself. The idea is to record every activity you perform during your nominated work time as you perform it. Details such as projected completion time and time taken to complete a task will be included. Also, recording breaks of any nature such as coffee, phone or talk breaks are a must. After several days, analyze your statement but sit down while you are doing it; the shock could cause you to faint!

Time Management Facts

Recent studies have shown people will have at least 50 interruptions during the course of a day. In fact, given a working day is still eight hours, this can equate to almost half the working day being wasted because of unproductive distractions.

Time Management At Work - Dealing With The Revelation

For many, realizing they've been wasteful in applying allotted work hours can come as a bit of a shock. This is not surprising. For example, saying no is an art form which many people simply cannot do.

In work situations, to get approval, many will do the job of someone else thinking it will get them more highly thought of. An activity statement will bring home the harsh reality that in a lot of cases, the reason why some people fail to get their work completed in the allotted time is because they've been doing tasks others should be doing.

This also applies to workers in management positions who are doing work which should be delegated to others. It's a real eye opener so if you are at your wits end trying to figure out how to work smarter and not harder, try using a time management activity statement. You'll be glad you did!

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