The Truth About Winning the Lottery by Using the Law of Attraction

Jun 10


Beth McCain

Beth McCain

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Here's the truth about winning the lottery using the Law of Attraction.


You buy your lottery ticket week after week,The Truth About Winning the Lottery by Using the Law of Attraction Articles and week after week you don't win.  You practice the Law of Attraction and are sure this is the way you are going to make all that money that you have been visualizing and focusing on.  Maybe next week it will happen but the thoughts and feelings you have attached to the method of how your money is coming (that being the lottery) seem to be disappointment instead of create joy each time you don't win.

Do you see what is wrong with this picture?

Let's deconstruct the whole process.

If your desire is to have more than enough money to live life the way you want, you begin by visualizing on the life that you want to lead with the money just being a part of it.  You visualize what you do with the money; maybe you help out your parents and you see the joy of how happy they are to be relieved of their own debt.  Maybe you see yourself traveling in first class and going all over the world spending like there is no tomorrow, knowing that you will always have all the money you need and want. By visualizing in the now, on what exactly the money can do, you will begin encouraging the Universe to start aligning your focus and the feelings of your desires, and bring you like situations or better.

Here's the tricky part.  Once you have seen your desire and lived it in the now you must let go control of the how so the Universe can take over.  Your only job is to see, feel, and know what you want and believe it is here and the Universe will take care of the rest.  You must let go of all attachments and negative, repetitive mental thoughts you may have about money and the new life you desire. 

Letting go of attachments means to let go of everything that you try to push into existence, let go of negative thought perceptions, and let go of trying to control how the Universe brings it to you.  When you start trying to figure out how the Universe brings it to you and you focus on that, then you are limiting the Universe by focusing on one or two particular ways.  This takes more time for the Universe to fit into your limited box that you have provided.  Be aware of opportunities of how things are coming and seize the opportunity, but micro managing the Universe will only give you more to micro manage while not necessarily delivering the result you really want. 

So what does this have to do with winning the lottery?

When you visualize and focus on the life that you desire and know it is taken care of you want to be aware of the actions to take.  Is the lottery one of the ways the Universe could bring you the life you deserve?  Of course, but when you make it one of the specific focuses as to how the money is coming, you are in fact micro managing.

Here is a way to understand what happens when someone buys a lottery ticket. The anticipation and thought of winning the lottery can be exciting.  You are definitely building great positive thoughts UNLESS you buy that ticket thinking that maybe you might win this week and you feel like you are throwing your dollar away…maybe.  Do you buy the ticket with the thoughts and feelings of maybe, excitement, doubt, joy; that this could happen?  You are mixing quite an array of feelings that are chaotic and that is what will come back to you.

First focus on what you want in life, in this case money, and buy your ticket with joy and expectation and excitement.  If anything, the ticket just gave you some wonderful feelings of expectation for your money focus.  Cast doubt aside, just for the moment, to build the possibility that it could happen.  The lottery could be the way the Universe brings you cash but don't think it is your end all be all of obtaining money because then you are limiting.  Here comes the part where you don't become attached to the winning of the lottery.  Leave it at the wonderful expectations of money and then let it go to the Universe.

Okay…so you see the numbers and your ticket isn't the winner. 

Disappointment and the feeling that the Universe let you down are going to bring you more of the same.  Disappointment and the other lack feelings become strong and intense vibrations that are sent out and every time you don't win, if you are sending those thoughts and feelings out, you will attract the same situation over and over again.  So here's what you do.

Visualize on obtaining the cash and life you want.  Let go and know that you will be getting what you asked for and focused on and let the Universe take care of the how.  Next, buy your ticket with the anticipation and joy that this could be an avenue to cash, but then don't put any more thoughts toward it at all.  No mixed feelings of fear, doubt, joy, expectation…just expectation and the focus of the life you want.  Hand it to the Universe.  If you win…WOO HOO!  If you don't win…WOO HOO!  There is always next week, but stay away from the disappointment of the moment because that moment is imperative to how you feel and think with the lottery.  You will begin to find that you will win when the attachment to the feelings and thoughts are gone.

The Universe really does have your back.  Trust it and let it bring you what you want, the way it knows best, because the Universe knows exactly how to bring to you what you focus on.  You will find you will have the life you want and deserve by thinking unlimited minus micro management.  You can have it all.

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