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This article provides an overview for the exploration of the theme of Trust in the month of May on the DailyAffirm Process. DailyAffirm offers this free process of positive affirmations day by day.

We often get distracted by the idea that someone else is not trustworthy,Guest Posting or that someone else has broken a trust or confidence, or that a particular situation is not safe. We may or may not be correct in our assessment of another person or place. In my view, though, the most important question about trust is: Do you trust yourself?Consider what it looks and feels like to trust yourself. What do you say to yourself when you trust yourself? What emotions do you feel? How does the energy flow?You may also find it instructive to look at your relationship to non-trust. What does it feel and look like? What messages do you give yourself when you feel unsafe or betrayed or distrusting? If you are clear what it feels like to trust and what it feels like to not trust, then you can more easily find your way back to trust if you experience distrust or mistrust.

During the month of May, we explore the theme of Trust with five different types of affirmations and practice exercises on the DailyAffirm Process. The essence of the DailyAffirm Process is to proceed through the month with a series of different types of concepts, affirmations, and exercises to explore the theme. In order to fully embrace trust, it is helpful to acknowledge that the lack or opposite of trust also exists. The key is to differentiate and choose.

Releasing/Cleansing Affirmations for Trust (May 1-7) The purpose of Releasing and/or Cleansing Affirmations is to let go of unwanted and unneeded stuff. In May, these affirmations support you in clearing away non-trust and releasing resistance and contradictions to trust.

Old, outdated vows may be the most potent source of non-trust issues in your life. To experience this release, you might request that an angel support you in keeping your path clear of non-trust by dissolving toxicity, erasing negative images, and cutting bonds of attachment to non-truth and despair. Can you give yourself permission to let the angel of trust support you?Receiving/Accepting Affirmations for Trust (May 8-14) The purpose of Receiving and/or Accepting Affirmations is to open to allow something to be or to become. Open to receive and accept trust into your life.

As you open to receiving and accepting this week, consider the missing pieces to the puzzle of your contract with the Universe. Is anything lacking in your life that you need to open to? What are you ready to accept into your life? If by accepting something or someone into your experiences you must release something, then return to one or more of the affirmations for May 1-7 and release, release, release to make space to receive, receive, receive.

Being/Intending Affirmations for Trust (May 15-21) The purpose of Being and/or Intending Affirmations is to ground your purpose, especially your higher purpose. To be and to intend are different, yet interrelated. Trust opens you to more trust.

As a successful person, you most likely use many methods to enhance your productivity and/or efficiency. A popular and valuable tool is the “to-do” list -- you probably have one or even several! This week as you write your “to-do” list, be certain to also prepare a “to-be” list with such items as:

Remember to trustTrust myselfRemember who I amTrust my magnificenceActing/Claiming Affirmations for Trust (May 22-28) The purpose of Acting and/or Claiming Affirmations is to bring something into manifestation or to direct the energy of your intention to a desired manifestation. Allow all your actions to be associated with trust. Then, move through the week energized by the movement of non-trust to trust, distrust to trust, broken trust to trust, and so on.

Your power is in your attention. Give your attention to trust. Align with your intention. Ponder the power of One. Feel the energy of inspiration. Act.

Integrating/Embodying Affirmations for Trust (May 29-31) The purpose of Integrating and/or Embodying Affirmations is to allow the energy and meaning of the affirmations to merge with your consciousness. It is important to understand that it is a continuous process to allow trust to integrate into various aspects of your life. Do it, and then do it again and again and again.

To embody the ideas of trust that you touched on through the month, review the previous four weekly exercises and identify any significant learning that stands out for you. Collect insights to remind you later in times of trust and non-trust.

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