Turn Your Commitment Around

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"As you begin to dance with the Universe you create a rhythm and a flow as to where you want to go and the Universe matches your rhythm and flows and places the right people and opportunities in your path as you manifest in an easy and effortless fashion."

How many of you have made a commitment to lack,Guest Posting despair, or better yet to what is not going your way?  Most individuals are heading in the wrong direction making many wrong turns and following many detours, instead of making a commitment to what it is they truly want.  Many set goals, write our their wishes and have great intentions but than do not follow through and focus on a daily basis with what needs to get done in order to make it happen.

The truth is you must walk the straight line to achieve what it is you want.  I recently had the opportunity to work with an aspiring singer.  As I was coaching her in my "Lifestyle Makeover Program" she became extremely clear on the type of music she wishes to create but she lacked focus on how she was going to reach her goal. She also needed to understand and create the image of how she wishes people to perceive her.  You see she needed to set the groundwork, her own foundation of what she really wants.  Her soul, mind and body all need to be in alignment in order for her to create her true reality. 

When she first came to me she was focusing on various different avenues to make her singing career happen.  She thought of becoming a producer, working on a radio show; her mind was working hard to come up with all sorts of approaches and techniques but she failed to focus on what was her true passion -- singing.   I asked her what she was doing to bring her singing career into the foreground.  In order for her to accomplish her goals, her heart's desires it is imperative for her to create a system where her singing becomes her primary goal because that is her passion, her love.

I recommended that she check on places and opportunities where she could utilize her singing talents in order to help her get the energy out to the Universe.  For it is through our ability to ignite our energy in a positive and fruitful way that the Universe response in kind and matches our vibrations.  It is this process that enables us to create our desired results.

Most people do not understand that we never work alone.  Once you make a commitment and begin walking nine steps forward honoring what it is you truly wish, the Universe jumps in to begin working with you and helps you complete the journey.  You and the Universe become a team working together.  As you begin to dance with the Universe you create a rhythm and a flow as to where you want to go and the Universe matches your rhythm and flows and places the right people and opportunities in your path as you manifest in an easy and effortless fashion.  This process begins the outline or foundation of your journey which leads to you fulfilling your destiny. The Universe cannot help you, if you do not stay on the straight path --  walking confidently and with a deep inner knowingness that you will accomplish that which you set out to do.

It is time to turn around your commitment!  On a daily consistent basis you must do something positive towards strengthening your commitment.

  • You cannot focus on what is not going your way or what you do not have.  You must pay attention to what it is you are creating.
  • What commitment are you making to you?   If you do not believe in you and your ability to get what you desire, you will not accomplish it.
  • Write out how you see the end result happening.
  • Then what on a daily basis can you do in order to create momentum and speed to make this happen?

How often do you focus on your end result?  You must create a detailed game plan that you need to follow on a daily basis.  I often use the term "blueprint."  You must create a system that will help you put in place the method or approach for you to follow consistently in order to build momentum.  Your blueprint will help you stay focused and on track.  You can draft your blueprint as grand or as small as you want depending on the details of the commitment you are planning to make for yourself.  One thing for sure to remember is you need to set yourself up to win, therefore, I encourage you to be realistic and honest with yourself and create a system that you know you will follow.

Fundamentals are very important:  Begin by laying out the foundation for what it is you want.    I find that it can be helpful if you write out your end result first and then create and least eight to nine steps that you know for sure you can do.  Too often we make excuses for ourselves and ignore the truth.  So again, I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself that you will keep.  Then and only then will you begin to turn your commitment around and see some positive results.

Visualization is a powerful tool:  Visualize you creating the commitment and following through.   Possibly you can do a visualization exercise every morning before you get out of bed and every evening before you go to sleep.  It can be a wonderful way for you to strengthen your resolve.

How does this feel to you to actually see yourself creating the steps to make your goals a reality?

Believe in you and your abilities:  You must believe that you can keep your commitment and implement positive change in your life in order for you to do this.

Please be honest with yourself.  If right now this does not feel 100 percent correct and possible, do not despair and beat yourself up.  All that means is you need to clear away any emotional blockages that has been holding you back.  What this also means is you are close to a wonderful breakthrough.

Releasing blockages from the past: When you realize that it is time to release all those emotions and beliefs from your past that have held you back, you will take the necessary steps to heal and grow.   Remember the first step is awareness. In life it is so important to let go of what is weighing you down so you can make room for what it is you are wishing to bring in.

Most people do not succeed in life because hopeless energy or old thoughts and patterns are still running their lives.  The only way to turn your commitment around is to make sure all your internal energy and dialogue is flowing in the same direction.  That is called being in balance and harmony with the Universe.

How does one do this?  In order to release your emotions you must first understand why you have needed them in the first place.  Every experience in life is a lesson.  Yes, some are harder to learn from than others.  Every emotion has a voice, be still and listen to the truth of what is going on --Then you will begin to know and understand your lessons and what has become your story.  To help you with the process of sorting through your story and your life's lessons, ask yourself if you can understand the root of when this began for you?  Who else in your environment has a similar story to yours or the same emotions?  See if there is a pattern from your family or if a specific pattern has been the foundation of all your life situations and circumstances.

If you can understand why you are reliving an emotional experience you can release it and replace it with exactly what you do wish to be feeling on a continual basis.  Please understand this can take sometime because you are actually re-programming your thoughts, behavior and environment to create a better and improved life.  Everyone goes at their own pace with what they are truly ready to deal with and understand, so I encourage you to be patient with you.  This is a process but if handled with love and respect will reap many benefits.

All of my products deal with emotional clearing work.  Please understand that we all have emotional baggage to deal with that is why my clearing meditation CDs are valuable and beneficial tools to help you on your journey.  They are powerful and valuable products to help you heal and grow so that you can create the change you are looking for in your life and have the transformation that your Soul is longing for.  Anything is possible if you can imagine it.

Once your emotions are under control and are not running your life then you will begin to be truthful with yourself and your genuine commitment will enable you to continue to build the life that serves your heart and soul.  When you are in the flow, your momentum and speed will take you in n the right direction; you are on the right path.

Your commitment to your excellence, your ability to make powerful decisions and your focus of intention will strength and reinforce your direction and guide your journey.  As you begin to gain inner confidence and wisdom your belief system will begin to change and your mind will now take an active part in assisting you to go in the right direction.  As you grow more and more to believe in you and your power, ideas will come into your minds eye to assist you in your path -- now you know you are going in the right direction.

Your mind can help you in any situation or your mind can keep you from your desired direction.  This is why it is so important for you to understand that you are in control of your fate and your destiny.  You and only you control your thoughts and only you can truly heal your emotions by releasing the feelings of what others have either taught you or how they have made you feel.

When you turn around your commitment and are clear as to the direction you are now going in allow yourself to go the extra mile for yourself.  What I mean by this is create the energy and momentum to allow you to utilize your time and energy only in the direction you truly wish to go in.  You will begin to create a flow in your life.  Stay on the straight path.  If you begin getting pulled in a different direction you must re-focus and re-direct your thoughts and actions.

Check in with your Soul and be clear on your purpose and desired goals.  Are you running because you are afraid or because you wish to move in a different direction?

Maintaining your focus, determination and decide your outcome.  Do you want to live at your peak potential or is being mediocre acceptable to you?   You must know what level of playing field you want to be in.  This determines how you will play your game of life.  This will also decide your fate.  Therefore, in order to make a powerful commitment and achieve a desired result in life, you must actively walk in that direction.  Visualize and see yourself actually doing what needs to be done to accomplish your desired results.  Feel comfortable with being an active participant in your life and feel yourself not only receiving your desires but also achieving them with the help of your team.

Make this process fun.  If you are going to continually become frustrated or angry than you must clear and deal with that energy.  All heavy emotions can and will stop the flow of you moving in your desired direction

Remember once you make the powerful decision to walk forward with your strong and sincere commitment many doors will open up for you; therefore,  I encourage you to become prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally.

A powerful tool to assist you to not only turn around your commitment but to also to go to a deeper level of commitment with yourself is my "Coaching Collection Series."  This instructional and inspirational series will assist you to stay on track on a daily basis  as you listen to one of the twelve CDs on a consistent basis.  For more information you may visit my website at:  www.joanmariewhelan.com or www.intuitiongirl.com

Until we speak again, I am

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Turn Your Commitment Around

By Joan Marie Whelan

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