Why Healing Crystals Are The Best Gifts For Valentines

Feb 12


Healing Designed

Healing Designed

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If you find yourself thinking a lot if these crystal healing properties have any grain of truth, here are just some of the reasons why it's a thoughtful gift to receive (or give!) this Valentine’s.


With Valentine's Day coming right up around the corner,Why Healing Crystals Are The Best Gifts For Valentines Articles most people have grown to be more creative when expressing their love through gifts. Of course, everyone still sends out chocolate heart cakes, handwritten love letters, and the likes.


But as times are changing, these gift ideas also evolve. While most people might be on the hunt for the next best gift for their loved ones or simply themselves (because #selflove is definitely valid), healing crystals are now usually the standard choice for everyone.


In fact, there's been a rise in people harnessing healing crystals, especially at the pandemic's peak. 


Truthfully, these bleak times have exposed the need to nurture healing within us all. It's not just a trend brought by its stylish nature; rather, people have grown to be more aware of how they can practice self-love and mindfulness in their lives. 


And healing crystals can do just that for you.


But exactly why, right? How can a mere inanimate stone hold so much power? Is it really an appropriate gift to show your love? 


If you find yourself thinking a lot if these crystal healing properties have any grain of truth, here are just some of the reasons why it's a thoughtful gift to receive (or give!)


Healing crystals are meant to heal and empower.  

Crystal healing is an age-old art usually practiced by shamans, royalty, and energy healers. And while its history is steeped in mysticism, everyone can harness different crystals' healing prowess for their own benefit now. 


It's no rocket science because crystal healing is a mindful experience that can help people feel empowered. Healing crystals bring nurturing energy and target specific areas in your psyche that needs to be realigned. 


Healing crystals are well known for their metaphysical healing properties. And each crystal can help out in addressing deep-seated issues experienced by anyone. 


For example, you or your loved one have difficulty with self-expression, confidence, and overcoming impostor syndrome. The healing properties of Labradorite can help you unblock your throat chakra and empower you to speak your truth.


Another situation is maybe you have trouble with anxiety and often find it difficult to concentrate. Smoky Quartz healing properties can help you feel relaxed and calm while also aiding you by administering focus. 


There are so many crystals in the world that are just waiting to be harnessed. You don't necessarily have to be knowledgeable about them all. Instead, there will be a chosen few that can resonate with you. 


You don't have to overthink it; you just have to let your intuition flow. Most of the time, people choose crystal because of an indescribable pull, even if they don't particularly know the healing properties.


The best thing about this is that the healing crystal they chose also aligns with what they currently need. If you're just starting out with your crystal journey, you might want to read this Healing Crystals Guide as an introduction. 


Whatever kind of healing crystal you might have chosen, it can incredibly help heal you or your loved one physically or spiritually.


Healing crystals have different messages that help express your feelings.


When coming up with Valentine's gift idea, you often have to think about what message you would like to express. Would you like to express your love for them romantically? Do you want to express how much their friendship means to you? Or would you like to forgive them?


Whatever message you'd like to communicate to them, each healing crystal's inherent meanings is a perfect choice for expression. 


To help you out with the basic meanings of crystals, here is a short guide:


  • Amazonite - friendship and sisterhood
  • Amethyst - peaceful relationships and creativity
  • Aquamarine - helps bring closure
  • Carnelian - passion, and action
  • Chrysocolla - new beginnings
  • Peridot - self-awareness, and joy
  • Rose Quartz - unconditional love
  • Sodalite - trust and openness
  • Tiger's Eye - courage and strength 


Many crystals can help you express your feelings; you just have to choose the right one that fits!


Healing crystals' value never lessens overtime.  

Unlike most gifts, crystals never go out of style and never depreciates. Food can be consumed quickly, gadgets can break over time, and flowers can wilt.


With healing crystals, their nurturing energy never fades. This is one of the many reasons why so many people have grown to love collecting crystals. Remember, crystals have existed in this world for so long and even way back to the first human being.


Their ancient healing prowess remains in their bodies, and even if you don't actively engage with it, you'll still feel its healing properties. 


Having healing crystals at your home office, bedside, or garden can bring about lasting changes that you might not notice initially but will compound over time.


Healing crystals are beautiful.


"Crystals grew inside rocks like arithmetic flowers. They lengthened and spread, added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry that even stones - maybe only the stones - understood." - Annie Dillard


These so-called "arithmetic flowers" are simply beautiful no matter what shape they take. These wondrous creations on Earth are a joy to behold, and you can't deny that they are aesthetically pleasing, right?


Most people nowadays invest in making their homes as comfortable and pleasing as possible. There are different ways to showcase healing crystals at home, but the bottom line here is that it creates a nurturing and beautiful space that can lift anyone's soul. 


As cliche goes, people should treat every day like Valentine's Day. But having a specific date where you can just openly express your love to yourself, someone special, friends, or your family never gets old. 


Of course, it's not necessary that you have to give them specific healing crystals. The important thing here is you've taken the time to choose a gift that specifically resonates with their needs. 


Giving healing crystals is an incredibly thoughtful thing to do because you're not just basing off on their physical beauty but also with the inherent meanings and healing properties they have. 


Treat your loved ones by sharing the wonders of healing crystals, and you'll see how it can significantly benefit their souls. 


Are you now interested in giving healing crystals for Valentine's? Head on to our Healing Crystal Jewelry shop and choose the crystal that resonates with your heart!