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Are you so laid back that you are almost horizontal or do you feel more like a cat on a hot tin roof? Would you like to relax, let worries go and look on the bright side of life?

Is your glass half full or is it half empty?  Do you let the little things in life get to you or do you let them pass by,Guest Posting like water off a duck's back?  Do you look on the bright side of life, or just see doom and gloom upon the horizon?  Do you feel like a cat upon a hot tin roof or are you so laid back you are almost horizontal?

There are so many descriptive phrases which have been used over the years which describe different personality traits, be they negative or positive. What is amazing is that we actually have the same framework from which all these different patterns spring.  We have the same basic structure of cells and neurons and whatever else there is inside our brains, and yet we clearly all have a unique pattern of wiring within this framework.  We are born with certain temperamental characteristics and these are adapted as a result of experience. 

Upon birth we are not quite a "blank canvass".  It is as if the canvass has been pre-chosen; its size and texture has already been provided for; but then choices are presented to us.   A would-be painter who only has access to water colors or crayons invariably becomes an expert in this type of painting.  Another child may only be presented with oils.  Each child could have learned the other's expertise, had they been given the opportunity. 

Thus the "choices" presented to us may not seem like choices at all.  But if you take the view point that you have come into this life to learn and to experience something new and different then you may feel that you did in fact make that choice; perhaps you chose this environment as the best place in which you could learn and grow.  Whatever your wider beliefs are about your present life, you like the painter can swap from oils to water color, or vice versa, as the opportunity arises and as you choose to grow and develop.  No matter what you have learned, you can learn something new and different, so long as you are willing to do so.

Most people, however, do not realize that they can change.  Some do not even realize that they are inherently negative, because it is so much a part of them.  What is clear, however, is that to have a positive outlook, to look on the bright side and to see the good in things makes life a lot more comfortable and a lot more fun.  Life is easier when you are positive about things.

Negativity is a major cause of anxiety and tension.  If you are constantly on the look-out for what might go wrong, you simply cannot relax.  You begin to see issues where there really weren't any before.  If it's a dull day, you complain that it's never bright and when the suns out you complain that it's too bright.  A positive person would say that the dull day makes them appreciate the sunny day and when the sun's out they say "how nice!"  That's an awful lot easier on the psyche isn't it?

If you do not want to be negative and if you want to stop worrying you can like the painter learn to adapt and become skillful in a different way of thinking.  Positivityis a mental skill.  To learn to let worries go is a mental skill.  To learn how to relax is yet another mental skill.  The negative person simply hasn't learned these skills as yet. 

If you want to think positively, to learn how to relax and stop worrying, then you will find that hypnosis is a great help.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, a natural and normal state which you can learn to use easily with the guidance from hypnosis mp3 downloads.  You can learn to let worries and anxieties go and to intentionally seek out the brighter side of life.  You are now in the position to choose how you want to be - negative, or positive.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, success and well-being.

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