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Is there a guide that is called attracting a man made easy? Maybe,Guest Posting attracting a man can come as a second nature to some women while for others seems to be a torment. It is not your dress or your make up, it is your attitude. You have to explore the many different ways that you can change that attitude to make attracting a man a lot easier; Most of the time the change will be in the way that you think of men and the approach. We all have a friend who can simply go to guys and next thing you know she is the talk of the bar. She may not even be the best looking one in the group but she knows how to get the attention.That girl could be you:Why shouldn’t it be you; the one that writes the book “Attracting a Man Made easy?” What is it that is stopping you? Maybe in the past you have not looked at yourself as the kind that attracts the men but that was back then. Your vision has to change to the future. You CAN attract a man if you really want to. Think of all the things that you have done until now and if they have not worked it is time to toss them out. There is a saying “if you always do what you have always done; you will always get what you’ve always got” and that saying could not be more correct. If you always sat at the bar waiting for him to approach, then it is time you approach. What is the worst thing that can happen?The Worst thing that could happen:If you go to a guy that you are attracted to, the worst thing that can happen is that he says no. That’s it; there is no more damage to be done. He is not going to throw a drink at you or humiliate you. All it is; is a simple no. The world is still here and you are still beautiful. If a guy says no at that very moment you should look around. What will you see? There are tons of guys out there, and if this one guy was foolish enough not to see how great you are, then the next one will. You have to get into the mindset that you are good enough and that it is his loss.Confidence:There is something extremely attractive about confidence. Think about the way you feel, are you more attracted to the risk taker who is not afraid to fly, or the quiet reserved guy who is afraid of everything. Unless your life is a cheesy 80’s romantic comedy flick you want the guy who is confident and the same is true the other way around. When you start thinking of yourself as the great woman that you are and you really believe it you will be a lot more confident. You want the rules for attracting a man made easy? Be confident.

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