Kohinoor Condom – Ek Junoon…..

Dec 24


Racheal Trifero

Racheal Trifero

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Rose has been the universal symbol of love and couples all over the world have used its fragrance to lure their loved ones for centuries. Kohinoor Rose condoms offer you a pleasant fragrance of rose. The pleasant fragrance of rose will make your love making experience so special.

Now,Kohinoor Condom – Ek Junoon….. Articles this is why sex education is a must in third-world countries like India….
1st friend:     I went Via Agra last night…..
2nd friend:     Oh….if you wanted to see Taj, you could have gone via Train.

Well, not only in India but sex as a subject has been a strict taboo, a strict no-no, not only among kids and growing adolescents but also the elders and grown-ups who often so indulge in it without any prior knowledge of how to make is more safe and pleasurable. And with the country now poised to ram up its status as the Highest populated country in the world in a couple of years, we all citizens of this country should realize the importance of rubber protection and particularly Kohinoor condoms – the highest selling products in India. The company has a market share of around 45 % which is quite laudable. Also they are lowest price products sold in the category at every medical counter in every nook and corner of India.

Kohinoor condom is not only trusted for their quality, durability, safety, elasticity, usability but more for their goodwill. The trust all natives of this land on Kohinoor condom is simply unparalled. Generations of Indians, those who were allowed to born, have always relied on this particular brand out of all the rest available in the market because the company that produces this product is first of all an Indian conglomerate with an unmatchable record of selling the best personal health and hygiene products and also it now has a global presence. 

So what makes Kohinoor condom, the best to grab and use is the lascivious pleasure it’s laboratory tested, thin latex fabric generates which makes an all-night vigil just another walk in the park. Yes, it’s all about quality and after acing in it, the other thing that make this brand the most sought after is the durability of the product.

No user will face any such situation where there was a rupture, a tear, a break, a gap or fissure of any kind even after the product has been through a lot of steady friction. It’s this feature of being a heavy-duty performer without any gaffe that has endeared Kohinoor condoms to the billions of this country. 

Thirdly, it’s the safety characteristic of a rubber protection as a product itself that makes the educated understand its importance when they don’t any unwanted pregnancy or abortion and more so with the product as they have an unmatched safety track with its customers. And with a rubber protection you become immune to any sexually transmitted diseases or other infections or any other viral diseases. So “if you want to be secure, Kohinoor condom always guarantee.”

Fourthly and the unique selling proposition of this product is the elasticity, for there is an innumerable variety of shapes and sizes available with this brand. Also, both male and female condoms are sold by this company. Not to forget the material used is of international standard and accepted by all medical practitioners.

And finally, it’s the usability of Kohinoor condom that makes everyone like to buy it when they feel they are up to it. Like in some other products, users of this product will feel really gratified with its usage because of the firm grip it provides, always stays fresh in its systematic package, with its reservoir tip at the end and most importantly the cozyness one feels in its usage.

It’s all these monumental milestone features that go in making Kohinoor condoms stand high above the competition in the market. Plus, the constant innovation, research and development that are seen in this product are off the charts. With all these varieties of flavoured and dotted ones, super-thin ones, pleasure-shaped ones, glow in the dark ones are helping the company built a giant repertoire of A-1 products on offer with satisfaction guaranteed. 

Still, even after making a world-beating product, Kohinoor condoms is yet to mount its flag in areas in desperate need of such a product…..countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma….but plans are in the pipeline to bring such effective products to the citizens of these countries too. And with the added and renewed interest shown by international government agencies and non-governmental organizations bringing this leisure product will now be no mean feat. And with the company TTK, adopting a policy of “zero accidents, zero loss” the product is guaranteed to create a niche in many different parts of the world.