Types of Condoms for Birth Control

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Choosing the right condom before having sex is as exciting as it may seem embarrassing. With the onset of a fountain of awareness about the usage of condoms,Guest Posting market players have launched varieties of one of the best birth controls. Here are some of the different types of condoms that can help you make sex a pleasurable experience without having to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

  • Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured condoms are one of the best types of condoms, especially when oral sex quantifies your sexual activity with your partner. Flavoured condoms are available in a variety of flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, mint and more. What you must make sure, however, is that the condom is sugar-free before you use it for anal or vaginal sex.
  • Dotted Condoms

Dotted condoms are one the best types of condoms for pleasure and birth controls. Dotted condoms are studded or textured to give both the partner an equal amount of pleasure. The slight bumps on these condoms can be seen through the length of the condom on the sides.
  • Extremely or Super Thin Condoms

Some people do not like the coat that they feel over the penis while having sex. Therefore, if you want to get the feeling of having a condom-free sex without having to risk unwanted pregnancy, you may buy super thin condoms. Super-thin condoms have a thin layer of sheerlon material that masquerades as if it is second skin. If you are wondering the risk of pregnancy and STDs is high with super thin condoms, it is not so.
  • Glow in Dark Condoms

Glow in dark t-shirts are best for kinky sex. To make the condom glow in the dark, you will have to expose it to light for 30 seconds. The condom has three non-toxic layers. The inner and outermost layers of the condom are made of latex and the one in the middle contains a pigment that makes it glow.

  • Pleasure-Shaped Condoms
Pleasure-shaped condom heightens the pleasure for both the partners. It has an enlarged and loose tip.

Tips or best methods

Even though condoms are one of the best methods of birth controls, they should not be trusted in entirety. Try to use birth control pills or other contraceptive methods along with condoms to be 100% safe. Besides, check the condoms for the label "FDA approved" to use against STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

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