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Being seductive isn’t only for singles out on the prowl searching for their next conquest.  Relationships need to stay fresh and exciting, to let each other feel validated, loved and sensual.  It is very easy over time to make sex just routine, and it will get stale fast.  Follow these ultimate seduction techniques and get your sex back on fire!

You must communicate,Guest Posting it is easy to forget to tell your partner how sexy they are, and how much you love their kisses and touch.  Think back to when you first got together, and how passionate you were together.  Tell your partner you want to feel their lips, feel their naked body against yours. 

AN ultimate seduction tip is the element of surprise; if you want to get your man’s attention do something out of the ordinary.  Dress up for him; massage him at the end of the day. Let him know you appreciate him and that he still excites you.  Be confident, even if you hate your body show him you are still highly sexual and he is the only man for you.

For all you men, treat your woman how she deserves. Run her a bath while you finish the chores let her get all soapy and come out to clean sheets and a movie with you.  Devote some time just for her then ask what it is you can do for her.  Encourage her to speak to you as you make love.  Ask if she likes it, having to speak can be very erotic.

Once you get back into the swing of being sexual together learn to push things further. Find out each other’s favorite things, so if there is anything that they want to try.  Remember this is about you two, so keep it about you as a couple.  Validate your partner by saying how much you love it when they touch you in a certain way. 

Make time for each other.  Whenever you can it is good to stop life as you know it and concentrate on your partner.  Forget daily routine, jobs, parenting, the washing pile, everything.  Find out how each other are; take time to listen properly to your partner.  Take this time to get hands on, holding hands, stroking, kissing.

These ultimate seduction techniques will help you to remain sexually stimulated with each other.  Keeping passion alive can be hard, but it is well worth the effort.  Don’t let your sensual side fizzle away.

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