Dude, Where's my Bra?

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Have you ever needed to find the bra size of your wife or girlfriend, without directly asking her because it's for a surprise gift? This article will give you 10 tips for discovering the bra size of your woman without her ever knowing you've been snooping.

Need help with getting your woman bra size without her ever knowing. Maybe it's her birthday,Guest Posting Valentine's, or another holiday and you want to buy her a lingerie gift without giving away the surprise. If this is the case then you'll need to know her bra size. You can't simply ask her outright, her bra size or this may tip away or hint that you are planning to purchase underwear. 

Being convert and inconspicuous is most key to obtaining the information you'll need to make the perfect gift purchase. I'll give you the top 10 ways that you can use to find the bra size of that special lady deserving of precious undergarments, without her ever finding out your plans of surprise..

1)  Sneak Peek - You'll have plenty of opportunities for taking a quick peek.  You can check in her drawers or take a peek while she's sleeping.

2)  Ask a Friend - Ask her best friend, but tell her it's a surprise. Or ask a close family member (mother, sister, etc.). Only ask someone you sure you can trust with a secret.

3)  Check Online  - Check with an online bra size tools. In most cases, you'll need to know her measurements.

4)  Find a Look-Alike - Find someone in the malls or lingerie shop which is a look-alike in terms of size to your wife or girlfriend, ask them if you could ask them a personal question.

5)  Send an Email - Create an email address which cannot be traced back to you and send an email to her account which tells her she has won a year's worth of Victoria Secret --- in the email tell her that all she must do to claim the prize is to respond to this email with her bra size measurements. Or if you have skills you can create a clean web design or landing page where she can click to enter the information, this makes it more natural looking. 

6)  Call the Doctor - If you and your wife/girlfriend go to the same physician or doctor office then you might have a good relationship with the doctor. I would suggest that you call the doctor.

7)  Old Receipts -  Find old receipts from lingerie purchases and check her sizes from those. Try to be certain you only get sizes from the most recent receipts in case her bra size changed.

8)  Get Lucky -  Maybe your wife/girlfriend likes to write things down like a measurements magnet card on the refrigerator, maybe they have a business card when they last got fitted which has their measurements on it, or maybe they got a sticky post-it on the computer with their measurements on it.

9)  Check the Health Planner -  Check your wife/girlfriend health planner. In many cases this will contain detailed measurement information.

10)  Give a Massage - Give her a massage. Turn her over on her stomach and slowly take her bra off, while taking it off check for the bra size --- get a good glimpse at it.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll find the information you need. The worst thing that could happen to the perfect gift is for it to be the wrong size. The anticipation and excitement for the gift has peaked by the time she is ready to try it on --- unless of course, she immediately looked at the size upon opening it. Regardless, the wrong size is a mood killer. The couple of minutes it takes to be devious and sneaky just so you don't ruin a good surprise is well worth it. She'll understand!  And if she don't then I guess you'll be buying more lingerie.

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